Chapter 34

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After cheering up the saddened Super Rock, Adalie played the next episode in silence as she saw everyone curious at how TCF! Cale will attain the power. 

'Would it be in another weird way or the normal way?' many thought, some betting gold coins on it. Adalie found this funny since, after all the viewing and reading, some were still willing to bet that something normal would happen to TCF! Cale. Oh well, it's not her problem when some will lose money. It was unfortunate none of the villains joined in, scam...playing with them would have been fun. 

Chapter 131: Not Scary (2)

Things progressed smoothly so far so Cale was not scared.

"...You do know that you just jinxed yourself with that thought." Rok Soo said while staring at TCF! Cale before blinking. "Why do I feel like we had this conversation before?"

"Maybe because TCF! Cale's troubles always happen when he thinks nothing bad will happen?" TBOAH! Cale teased while TCF! Cale scowled at him.

"It is not." TCF! Cale denied. "Besides, I had the right to be confident there since I had dragons beside me."

"Fair point." TBOAH! Tasha agreed. "Dragons are the strongest beings in this world after the gods so having two to protect you is bound to make anyone brave." 

That was why Cale immediately traveled to the Forest of Darkness.

"Y, young master-nim, I will take the lead!"

Those from the Henituse family from both sides smiled at Hilsman trying to act brave to protect TCF! Cale.

"Nya, he shouldn't have bothered since our youngest is there." Hong said with a sigh. "Besides, he's the weakest there."

"Yeah!" Raon agreed while nodding his head. "I'm enough to protect Human! Goldie Gramps is just there for extra protection!"

"We should give him plus points for being brave enough to do that, nya~" On said as the other two agreed.

'Good thing Hilsman's not here.' TCF! Cale thought with a sweat drop after hearing his children's conversation. 'He would cry.'

Hilsman moved forward after seeing the entrance of the Forest of Darkness. However, he could see two people looking at him with blank expressions.

"Poor sir Hilsman." TBOAH! Hans said with a pitying look. 

One was Cale while the other was Eruhaben.

"Be kinder next time." Jour scolded the two, not bothered that the other one she was scolding was a dragon. "He has a fragile heart."

"Yes." the two obediently agreed for different reasons. TCF! Cale agreed because Jour was his mother (in a way) while Eruhaben agreed because he did not want to deal with Jour's (and other People in the room's) wrath. 

'Many are weak towards those who are pitiful.' some thought as they continued watching the two nod while trying to ignore the glares of others. 

However, another existence helped Hilsman relax a bit.

"Yes! Vice Captain, let's go!"

It was Raon.

"He might not be as strong as me or Goldie Gramps but he is still strong enough to defeat the monsters in the forest so he can go first." Raon explained when he saw some people looking at him, wondering why he was contradicting his statement from a while ago with his actions on the screen.

'My child's so smart.' Sheritt thought with a proud smile.

Raon stopped being invisible and urged Hilsman forward with a smile. Hilsman started to smile as well. However, Cale quickly interjected.

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