Chapter 31

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When everyone entered the watching room, they were surprised to see the room completely clean as if no one was fighting in it before. Not only that, both Clopehs and both Toonkas, who were trapped before, were eating with each other in a friendly manner which, in everyone's opinion (including the villains) looked... wrong. The weirdest thing they found out was that Adalie was nowhere in sight. Instead, a large bright orange note was pasted on the wall with the words 'Press the star on the remote when you're ready'. 

"Oh, you all finally arrived." TCF! Cale calmly said while eating some food with the kids and his ancient powers. "Go take your seats, grab some food, and let's begin watching."

"Where's Adalie, Cale-nim?" TCF! Choi Han asked in confusion.

"Ah, she had to do something so she left for a moment." TCF! Cale said while slightly smiling which made people feel pity for the panda. 

'He must have done something.' they all thought before obediently following TCF! Cale's command, not wanting to die. When everyone was seated with food, TCF! Cale began the show.

Chapter 123: I'll do it! (1)

However, contrary to Cale's nervousness, Raon was calm.

"Hoh? So we're watching the time we met." Eruhaben said with a raised brow, curious as to how TCF! Cale really felt during that time. Reading and watching the life of the unlucky bastard made him realize that he was extremely good at keeping a poker face so there was a high chance the confidence he saw before was a hoax. And, if it really was a lie, wasn't he interesting to be able to fool a dragon, an ancient one at that, with mere acting? But, if he really was confident, then that would make TCF! Cale amazing.

"I am indeed a Dragon!"

The blonde Elf's expression became even weirder after hearing Raon's response.

"Pfft." Mila let out a small laugh, finding Eruhaben's face funny and, dare she say, stupid. Like a child's twisted face after tasting bitter medicine for the first time.

To say that another Dragon was not a Dragon was pretty much asking for a fight, but this young Dragon responded back in a cheery manner.

"...Yes, you are a Dragon."

A weak response came out of the blonde Dragon's mouth.

Some dragons looked at Eruhaben in pity, understanding why he couldn't fight the kid. Not only was Raon way younger, he also had the charisma that makes people want to protect him.  

All elves, on the other hand, was busy calming themselves. Even if they were in the room with dragons, seeing the two interact with each other for the first time on the screen made them feel blessed. 

Raon nodded his head.

"Yes. And you are a Dragon as well. That is why, nice to meet you! Don't you even know how to greet people?"
"...You're asking me if I know how to greet people?"

"...I don't think it's a good idea to tell that to an ancient dragon, Raon-nim." TCF! Hans weakly said. 

"Why not?" Raon asked with a tilt of his head. "I was just curious because goldie gramps was very awkward!"

No one could find the courage to answer the young dragon, not wanting to disappoint him. It was definitely not because of the threatening glares they were receiving from TCF! Cale and the other dragons.

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