Special (3/3)

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So... I might have broken my Wattpad with this long chapter but hope you all enjoy and have a good day! 

PS: Please tell me if I made a mistake because I was very lag when I was writing this :(


"Sadly, this is the last special scenes you will all react." Adalie said with a sad sigh. "After this, we will return to watching young master Cale's life. And, while it is fun, the best scenes are on the end. But maybe... if I make another special one... should I? Hmm..."

"Thank goodness." many people said with happiness, knowing that anymore and their heart would not be able to take it. They purposefully ignored Adalie who was murmuring to herself on the side, knowing that whatever she thinks would be bad for them.

"Since this is the last, I made sure it is the best!" Adalie said with a smile as the weak-hearted people paled. Having spent time with the panda, they were sure it would be the worst for their hearts. "In fact, they are some of my favorite scenes!"

"Is this even worse then young master Cale getting mad or throwing money?" TCF! Ron asked which made Adalie nod. 

"Absolutely!" she answered, making people want to faint again. "Since there are no more questions, I will start the video!"

Title: How many books can you read in a week? I dunno, three? Wrong, thousands!

TCF! Cale and the Koreans raised an eyebrow, having an idea on what it meant.

'So that power did go with me in this world.' TCF! Cale thought.

"...You're going to go through all of these?"

The Mercenary King urgently chased behind Cale,

"I'm there?" TCF! Bud blinked in shock before narrowing his eyes. "That place..."

"It's the Directory." TBOAH! Bud continued for his other self who was too drunk to think straight.

who was heading toward the center of the area that was full of thousands of books. He seemed to be nervous.

"I-is that even possible?" TCF! Rosalyn asked in shock. While she knows TCF! Cale was smart and had a good memory, case and point being able to become a commander in the future, she doubt he could read and memorize all that. It's not humanly possible!

"Cale, I remember what you told me when you made me the offer."

Bud Illis recalled the things Cale told him the first time they met.

"You asked me to show you the Directory."

Both Glenns looked at TCF! Bud in incredulousness. 

"Are you crazy?" TCF! Glenn asked in shock. "You know you shouldn't show that place to anyone!"

 TCF! Bud didn't say anything and only drank more alcohol, causing TCF! Glenn to hit his head in annoyance.

"Ow!" TCF! Bud exclaimed, looking at his best friend who ignored him. "What was that for!"

No response.

The Directory was not a file that even the Mercenary King could easily show others. However, he still brought Cale here, even acting stealthily in the process.
There was a simple reason for it.

"You said you needed to know the White Star's history."

Many focused on the scene, wanting to know a bit more about their enemy.

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