Chapter 24

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Hi! So, I read the comments you all left in the comment section in the last chapter and I'm so touched and thankful to you all! I hope you are all also doing the same and resting when you guys need/ prioritizing the things you need to do before reading this. Oh, and I found time to write today so here you all go! Have a good day/night!


"How's life, everyone?" Adalie asked when she entered. "Mine's a boring one."

"How boring can a panda's life be?" TBOAH! Rei Stecker asked in curiosity.

"Very." Adalie solemnly said. "Anyway, let's watch the next episode! Hopefully, you all still remember what it was about."

Chapter 99: I got a feeling (3)

Cale did not enter the capital and instead just stayed at the village that was closest to the capital.

"Why is that?" TBOAH! Gilbert asked in confusion. "Wouldn't it be more comfortable to stay in the capital?"

"I just wanted to." TCF! Cale said vaguely, not wanting to admit he avoided the capital because he didn't want to hear people calling him by his nickname 'young master shield' anymore.

"The Land of Death and the Dark Elves."
"What do you think?"

Cage looked toward Cale after hearing his question.

"You were also there, Cage?" Taylor asked his best friend who only grinned.

"Yep!" TCF! Cage nod. "It was boring to be by your side that time because of all the paperwork you had to do so I joined young master Cale on his journey!"

"You should have invited me!" Taylor complained. "That time was an extremely boring moment of my life!"

"No can do~" TCF! Cage said in a sing-song voice as her eyes gleamed mischievously. "You were preparing to be the next head of the Stan family so you shouldn't escape your duties!"

Cale, who was fanning himself because of the heat, seemed very relaxed. Someone might think that he was here to enjoy tea time.

Many agreed. From the way TCF! Cale acted to the way he dressed, he did look like a typical noble who was about to go to a picnic to relax. Which, in reality, was the opposite of what he was about to do.

Honestly, and he complains that people always misunderstand his actions? If he doesn't want to be misunderstood, he should do better and not act in a way that is easily misunderstood!

"What do you mean what do I think? Of course, I will go."

She was just as relaxed.

'I thought it might be something big since I didn't remember my dream.'

"Dream?" TBOAH! Harol asked.

"Yes." TCF! Cage responded. "That day before, I had a dream that left me feeling bothered although I don't remember what it was and, after receiving a call from young master Cale, I thought it would be something scary or the likes. Who knew it was something simple like that."

(Note: This is not canon.)

But the information she got from Cale was not very big of a deal.

"It kind of is, though?" TBOAH! John said. "Since not many people knows where dark elves live, telling you that was a major risk."

"Ohh, if you say it that way, thank you for trusting me, young master Cale!" TCF! Cage told TCF! Cale who only looked away with his ears turning a little red.

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