Chapter 37

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Hi! Sorry for not updating for a long time. I was just really busy and stressed out from school. But I'm now enjoying my break so I will be updating more frequently (I hope)! Well, that's all for now. Hope you all enjoy and stay safe! Thank you for your patience!

"The future looks bleak already, huh." TBOAH! Choi Han said with a bitter laugh as Adalie's pitiful gaze landed towards everyone in the room, silently noting how many were either pale from fear or sluggish at the mess they need to deal with soon. Adalie wanted to cheer them up but knew anything she said would be a lie since, after all, they would experience shitty situations for quite some time before things quiet down a little. And they won't even get to rest after that, considering how they would soon meet with hunters. Really, what a pitiful bunch.

"Miss Adalie." TCF! Alberu called out with his usual smile although his gaze looked a little tired and dreadful for the future. "I know we wanted to discuss a possible alliance between our nations but is it possible for us to just continue watching first? I fear none of us would be able to peacefully talk when we're currently worried."

"Is that agreeable to everyone?" when she received nods, Adalie easily agreed. "Then, I'll skip over some parts and play the more serious ones. This is the earliest attack the Empire did in the future which, of course, is directed to Toonka who seemed to stand alone."

Both Toonkas didn't make any noise, having learnt from the past few days they were stuck in the mysterious room that being rash doesn't change anything and only makes things worse, but their feral grin and angry eyes showed what they were feeling.

'He's learning.' both Harols thought about their respective leader with a proud smile before it turned into a frown as the two started to watch the episode seriously. They'll never make the mistake of skipping any information, especially when their people's lives were on the line.

Chapter 142: Isn't it a pity? (1)


Cale let out a sigh.

TCF! Cale paled a little the moment he heard his sigh, feeling more dreadful about the hard work he would need to do in the future.

"Please tell me I'm just disappointed at something and not because I will need to move and do something." he said with a hint of pleading but was ignored by Adalie who was busy eating a chocolate sundae while the others could only look at him in pity with how often he encountered trouble.

Toonka responded immediately to the sigh.

– No need to worry about it too much. Did you forget who I am? I am Toonka. I will find a way, so you don't need to worry about me.

"That's right, my friend!" TCF! Toonka immediately agreed with his future self. "No matter what trouble I face, I will be the victor!"

'And he's back again.' TCF! Harol thought with a silent sigh but couldn't keep his mouth from smiling a little. It wasn't that a more responsible Toonka was bad but an arrogant Toonka was what he was used to.

"Spit out your coordinates."
– ... What?

Similarly, many people echoed the word, not understanding what TCF! Cale meant. Well, either that or they said it in shock because the TCF! Cale they knew would never willingly go to a place where he is guaranteed to work.  

'What the fuck is wrong with my future self?' TCF! Cale wondered inwardly as he started fearing for the future more and more. 'Why can't I just have a slacker life?' 


Toonka could see the complicated expression on Cale's face. Cale then started to speak in an annoyed tone.

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