Chapter 43

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"Alright, let's skip the parts of their journey to the empire and go straight to TCF! Cale's favorite hobby: finding for places to loot!" Adaile announced with a happy smile while many cheered and was excited to know what precious thing he would steal. They got used to TCF! Cale's habit, after all. Besides, stealing from bad guys isn't bad. 

"Human, human, we're going looting!" Raon exclaimed with a grin with the cats. "I wonder what we're stealing."

"Don't think about it, Raon." TCF! Cale said while warily looking at Sheritt who, thankfully, didn't give him a glare. To be fair, though, she has already established in her mind that TCF! Cale will not change and her son will be influenced. And, as long as it's not bad, she's fine with it.

Chapter 156: Rolling in by the vine (3)

'Does the Condemnation of the Sun actually exist?'

"C-condemnation of the Sun?!" TBOAH! Jack shouted in shock. "That's your target?!"

"What's that?" TBOAH! Archie asked with a raised brow. "Seems important."

"It's more than important." TCF! Jack calmly explained, already expecting said item to be taken by TCF! Cale. It fits the criteria - expensive and from their enemies' hands. "It's the divine item of the sun god which the church of the sun god treasures." 

"Perfect." TBOAH! Hannah smirked.

"Ooh~ Will we sell it? How much will we make? Kakaka, I can't wait!" the greedy fire exclaimed with an excited expression while thinking of the money they would get for that item.

That was the crazy priestess Cage's response. She seemed to be shocked.
That made Cale realize something.

'It is not an ordinary item.'

"You didn't know?" TBOAH! Bud asked in confusion, having thought it would be mentioned in the 'book' he read.

"I didn't." TCF! Cale said. "I wasn't even aware of anything related to the sun twins."

'And he was still able to do all this? Damn.' many thought in amazement for the nth time.

Jack started to speak as if he knew what Cale was thinking about.

'It is a divine item.' 

A divine item.
An item gifted by the god.
The thief that was the owner of the Sound of the Wind ancient power had died while running away with a divine item.

The thief ignored all the looks she got, making those looking at her sigh and look back at the screen. Really, why was TCF! Cale's ancient power as weird as him? Heck, even his group is weird.

Lesson learned: associate with TCF! Cale = be a weird person.

That was how precious they were. The reason that the secret organization Arm was able to kill the strong Blue Wolf tribe was because they had a divine item.

"Huh?" both Locks and Maes said in surprise. "What does that mean?!"

"You'll find out soon." Adalie said, unsure of what to say.

That was why Cale was excited as he asked.

'Where is the Condemnation of the Sun located? I will retrieve it.'

"Your greedy side is showing, Cale." the shield said with a teasing smile. 

"It's always showing." TCF! Cale replied. "Most are just blind to it."

However, Jack shook his head with a bitter expression.

'I do not know.'

Jack had only heard about the existence of divine items while being taught by the pope the ways of a Saint. After that, the pope responded to Jack's questions of, 'Are there divine items?' with, 'Divine items? Something like that does not exist.'

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