Chapter 30

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Adalie woke up in a good mood, stretching her small paws before looking at the room where she grew surprised. Hanging on the ceiling, which TCF! Choi Han, TCF! Ron, and TCF! Beacrox spun around like a ball, were the two Clopehs who didn't even looked faze at what was happening. Instead, they kept murmuring about TCF! Cale (who was sleeping) and how amazing he was. On the other side of the room were both Toonkas who were physically fighting as the rest of the people just looked tired or was sleeping.

"The fuck happened while I was asleep?!" Adalie explained in shock before rubbing her forehead. "Never mind, I don't want to ruin my mood so let's just watch."

However, before she played the next episode, she placed both Toonkas in a separate transparent room in a corner (what was she thinking when she placed the two fighting addicts together?) and did the same with the two Clopehs whose mouths she taped shut. After that, she ordered those awake to wake their sleeping neighbors up before finally grabbing the remote and playing the episode.

Chapter 119: Nice to meet you (2)

Cale couldn't help but wonder.

'Do I have some unknown affinity with animals?'

"Why the random thought?" TBOAH! Valentino asked with a blink, not expecting the weird thought at all. He knows that whatever TCF! says/thinks are always, well usually, important but this time around, he can't understand why.

"Oh!" TBOAH! Lock exclaimed. "Could it be because you're surrounded by beast people, young master-nim?"

"It is." TCF! Cale confirmed. "I've been meeting with all kinds of beast people that I wondered if I was a zoo keeper or something in my past life."

Some arrogant people looked offended by being compared to animals trapped in cages while others didn't care at all.

He could not understand why he kept getting tangled up with so many different types of Beast people. Furthermore, they were all Beast people who were either struggling or in danger.

"That's true." TCF! Shickler nod in agreement after observing TCF! Cale's beast companions. From the kittens who were abandoned to the Whales who needed help defeating the mermaid and even people who needed help like the not-so-young swordsmaster, TCF! Cale helped them when no one was willing to. It was actually a wonder why the young master believed himself to be a bad person when all he wanted in return was them helping him which, in his opinion, was normal because there was no such thing as 'free food'. Besides, even if he did scam some people, he used those wealth for the greater good and not for his own self so it really wasn't an awful act. And, from what he had gathered, the hidden wealth the young master acquired was just going to end up rotting anyway so why not use it properly?  

'It's not like I'm running an animal hospital or something.'

"You might want to start now." Soo Hyuk said with a teasing smile. "While there aren't that many people yet."

"Don't jinx me." TCF! Cale groaned. "The tiger tribe will be the last beast people I help."

"You do realize you just jinxed yourself, right?" Rok Soo asked in amusement which made TCF! Cale groan in despair louder. 

"Shut up." he said while palming his hands. "That's not true at all."

"We should teach him to stop being in denial." TBOAH! Cale freely said while drinking some alcohol. 

"That's like trying to teach a fish to walk." Jung Soo said with a sigh. "Impossible."

"We can at least try." Rok Soo said with a determined look. 

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