Chapter 45

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"Hehehe." Adalie flinched at the evil laughter she heard the moment she entered the room. Shakily turning her head to the owner of the voices, she quickly decided that she saw and heard nothing while heading to her usual seat.

"Everyone ready?" Adalie asked.

"Yes!" many exclaimed, the loudest being the kids and, surprisingly, TCF! Alberu.

"Why are you so excited, your highness?" asked Adalie curiously.

"Why of course it's because young master Cale is looting someone other than me." TCF! Alberu easily replied with a bright smile.

 'The prince lost his mind.' was the general consensus of the room.

'Poor prince, he's so used to being scammed by Cale that he started finding enjoyment in other people suffering the same fate as him.' Adalie thought with pity.

Chapter 158: Rolling in by the vine (5)

Cale called out to Alberu after hearing that.

"Huh? What? We didn't stop there." TBOAH! Toonka said in surprise, ignoring the shocked looks given to him by others.

"You were paying attention?" TBOAH! Harol asked.

"Of course I was!" TBOAH! Toonka shouted indignantly, offended that his friend would think otherwise. "I might not be like my other self but we're still the same person at the end of the day."

"I just added this last bit here because it seemed important." Adalie explained. "The main focus will be the one after this."

"Your highness?"

Alberu finally started to speak after a while.

"Crazy bastard."

"It's still weird to hear his highness curse." TCF! Gilbert admitted.

"True." TCF! Eric agreed. 

"It's more surprising that he was comfortable enough to curse." TBOAH! Lock whispered to TBOAH! Rosalyn who agreed. In the long time she knew the prince, he was always regal and elegant without a negative trait seen, like a prince from a fairytale book. So imagine her surprise (and hurt) when she learned that the prince was just wearing a mask in front of them all this time.

Those words were naturally directed at Cale.
He then took a magic bag out of his pocket and almost threw it at Cale.

"Loot it all."

The stares TCF! Alberu received were nothing compared to the satisfaction of finally seeing someone being looted by his major headache-inducer.

'Are we really the same person?' TBOAH! Alberu wondered.

Cale started to smile as he put the magic bag away.

"Hey, young master Cale," TCF! Alberu called out with a calm smile.

"Yes, your highness?" TCF! Cale asked with a raised brow.

"What do you say about looting people for me?" TCF! Alberu asked.

"Hah?! Your highne-" TCF! Cale interrupted TBOAH! Deruth.

"Depends on what I get." TCF! Cale answered.

"Half of everything plus three tickets of doing whatever you want without blame." TCF! Alberu replied.

"Make the half three-fourths and we have a deal." TCF! Cale bargained.

"Deal." TCF! Alberu agreed. He didn't mind that he was on the losing end; after all, a gain is still a gain. Besides, this time, he wasn't the one paying TCF! Cale - the loots are shared and the three tickets was fake since he always close his eyes whenever TCF! Cale does anything. In conclusion, it's a perfect win for him.

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