Chapter 50

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Soo, as per tradition (it became like it at this point), here's another chapter as a gift for this new year ^_^ It's not much but hope you like it and have a great day/year ahead! Plus, would you look at that, we're in chapter 50! Thank you for being here with me :) It was a tough but fun journey.

PS: To those who reads the second book of TCF, is it almost done or at least somewhere along it because I want to read it but I don't want to feel the dreaded waiting period hehe.

Chapter 180: I did pick it up... (2)

"What did you pick up now?!" TCF! Alberu asked TCF! Cale who also looked bothered at this.

"Why did you immediately assume I picked up something?" TCF! Cale asked with a frown. "Couldn't it have been someone else like Choi Han?"

"Your denial really runs extremely deep in your bones." Mila said with worry. "Are you sure you don't need to get checked?"

But that was a problem for the others.

"Oh no." TCF! Alberu sighed, already fearful of the future. Well, not like he wasn't fearful in the past but it grew more and more as they continued watching. "I really want to retire."

"You can do it, Alberu!" his aunt cheered which didn't work as he still looked tired.

On this night, a night where they could not fall asleep because it was the last day of the festival, the bright pillar of fire that seemed to want to burn the night away kept the people in the Duke's Estate awake.

"Excuse me, what?!" TBOAH! Clopeh asked in shock as an image of said pillar appeared on the screen.

"It's something your Cale-nim has done." Adalie explained, immediately shutting down the two Clopeh who then changed their tune into one of praises.

"As expected of Cale-nim," TCF! Clopeh was the first to speak. "to create a legend...I want to be part of it!"

TCF! Cale just groaned along with TCF! Alberu.

"It isn't known by others that the criminal is this man, right?" the latter asked but wasn't given an answer.

With the master of the household and the young master both being unable to sleep, the rest of them could not sleep either.

"W, what a lun, lunatic!"

The old butler of the Duke's Estate couldn't believe it.
The knights and soldiers were covering his view, but he could still see the destroyed wyvern sculptures. These wyvern sculptures had been the Sekka family's crest for generations.

"Well damn, he must have really hated you." TBOAH! Cage whistled in amusement. After all, destroying a family's family crest is usually a symbol of wanting a fight with that family.

Crackle, crackle.

Such historic sculptures were being turned into dust.
All because of a single person.

"Choi Han?" TBOAH! Rosalyn guessed.

"Archie won't be that brash, right?" TCF! Shickler asked his daughter who just sent a wry smile.

"Hopefully." Paseton squeaked out, also fearing that possibility.

TCF! Archie hoped it wasn't him or he'll be scolded again.

"Aigoo, it just breaks apart when I put my hand on it!"

A lunatic wearing a black outfit was laughing while crunching up the pieces of a sculpture into dust.

That person was naturally Archie.

TCF! Archie groaned before hiding behind his other self who immediately moved out of the way. He was definitely not going to sacrifice himself for his other foolish self.

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