Chapter 40

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Chapter 148: Vicious (3)

Five days later.

"Finally!" everyone who wanted revenge, like Hannah and the whales, said with evil smirks in their lips, inwardly swearing to themselves to never forget the scene presented in front of them. And, while both Gashans didn't say anything, the two versions sat up straighter with a cruel smile which made shivers run at the back of those who saw it, especially TCF! Cale who wondered if he should not watch at all. No, he wanted to see and feel the satisfaction of bringing his enemies to their knees, especially because they kept him away from his slacker life for far too long. Huh, it seems he became more sadistic the longer he stayed in the room with others. Well, that's probably because he's too frustrated in not being able to enjoy his slacker life so he's taking it out on others. Specifically, the enemies.

Cale looked at the sun setting over the horizon as he started to speak.

"The winter ocean is cold."
"Human, are you cold again? Should I use temperature regulating magic again?"
"... No, I was just making an observation."

"Raon, you worry too much for me." TCF! Cale said with a small fond smile. "I might be weak but not that weak."

"But human keeps fainting and coughing up blood!" Raon said with a pout.

"Yes, nya!" Hong agreed.

"You always cough blood, even more in the future!" On continued with a cute pout as TCF! Cale could only look at them in betrayal. 

To be honest, Cale was not cold at all. He had just said that because the wind was strong. Cale felt nostalgic while watching the sunset as he started to speak.

"They're finally here."

Choi Han, Rosalyn, Raon, Gashan, and Paseton in his small Humpback Whale form all looked toward the horizon after hearing Cale's comment.
They could see small specks beyond the horizon. Those specks would be the tens of ships headed their way.

"Only those?" TCF! Hannah said in disappointment as many looked at her with a deadpan look.

'What do you mean only those? There's a lot!' some thought in their hearts. 

"Don't worry, I'm sure you'll get to fight many more after that." TBOAH! Cage comforted which made the other girl smile a little.

The Humpback Whale Paseton approached the boulder where Cale was standing and started to speak.

"Young master Cale-nim, my sister wanted me to tell you that we are ready."

There were Whale tribe members and tens of whales currently waiting in the ocean to move.

The Whales in the room couldn't help but look in surprise. While they knew that they would join the fight with TCF! Cale, to see how many warriors they sent to join him was astonishing. After all, they would usually just send the king or future queen to destroy and annihilate their enemies. It's quicker and more efficient because the palace would be filled with soldiers ready to protect their royals. 

Cale started to speak.

"Please prepare."

The closed eyes of the shaman opened.

Caw, caw, caw.
Tens of crows appeared from the forest behind him. Gashan started to speak.


The crows broke into groups and started to head toward the other Hais Islands.
They would serve as messengers for the Tiger tribe, Whale tribe, and Cale's group who were all stationed at the different Hais Islands.

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