Chapter 14

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As Adalie was about to play the show, she noticed that everyone was silent while staring intently at the screen, wanting to know more about how TCF! Cale and his friends saved and convinced the young dragon to join them. After all, dragons were not known to follow humans even if they did save him. She understood the reason and their wants so she quickly played the show.

Chapter 17: Heading out (4)

"Young master, this is the best room we have."

"Seems acceptable."

The old man led Cale's group to his inn. The exteri-

"Let's just skip this episode because this one doesn't have many important details you need to know. In fact, I think you all already know whatever this episode is about to reveal." Adalie said as everyone agreed, not wanting to waste time, especially the dragons who wanted to know more about what happened to the youngest one they have grown fond off, not that most of them would admit.

Chapter 19: I saw a dragon (2)

The location that the kittens, On and Hong, buried the black orb was out of Cale's expectations.

"Black orb?" Dodori asked in confusion with the others.

"A mana disturbance tool." TCF! Billos said. "So that's why you asked for it, young master."

TCF! Cale nod as the two kittens turned a little pale, remembering their conversation about the cost of the item which was noticed by TCF! Hans.

"What's wrong, Kitten-nims?" he asked in worry. "Is it cold in here? Are you hungry?"

"Nya, that thing costs around a billion gallons!" Hong cried out.

"It costs 20 million just to borrow it, nya~" On continued while scrunching her nose.

Most of the people in the room, except for those who knew like TCF! Cale and TCF! Billos, were shocked at the amount.

"What?!" they yelled in surprise.

"Hah, no wonder you always wanted money." TCF! Alberu sighed. "All of the things you buy are crazy expensive."

The Viscount's villa was 30 meters away from the dragon's cave. On and Hong had buried the black orb 50 meters away from that cave, in an area filled with trees and shrubs, making it very difficult for the orb to be located.

"You two are kind of amazing."
"Something like this is a piece of cake."

On was saying it was easy, but Cale could see On's nose twitching in joy.

On blushed in embarrassment, shy that she was caught by TCF! Cale while others found her actions adorable.

"Hahaha, you're caught, noona~" Hong chuckled as she lightly smacked him playfully.

Cale, Choi Han, On, and Hong crouched around the location that the black orb, officially known as the Mana Disturbance Tool, was located, and looked toward the cave entrance that was 50 meters away, as well as the Viscount's villa that was farther away.

"You remember the plan?"

Cale had explained the plan on their way over. Realistically speaking, there wasn't much of a plan.

"I doubt it." Jung Soo said.

"Yeah, knowing you, the plan is flawless." Soo Hyuk said.

"It's impossible for a plan to be perfect." TBOAH! White Star scoffed as he said that.

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