Chapter 29

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Adalie entered the room sleepily, sitting on her seat before playing the video without saying anything, falling asleep after a couple of seconds which made some help her lie down on a small bed on the side before watching. 

Chapter 116: Great and Mighty (4)

Cale walked toward Pendrick, who was standing there without being able to say anything.

"Did you decide what you will do with Balbud?"
"Difficult to decide?"

Pendrick nodded his head.

"Why is it difficult to decide?" TBOAH! Witira asked in confusion. "You only have two choices - kill him or torture him for more information before ending him."

"How vicious." TBOAH! Cale whispered while feeling more pity for TCF! Cale who had to meet with her many times. 

'I guess his denial attitude helped.' he thought. 'It made him able to work together and boss these scary people without fear. Well, without much fear.'

The Elven philosophy dictated that they should execute Balbud and the rest of the prisoners. However, it would be disappointing to execute them right away without gathering any information from them beforehand.

"It is." TCF! Jopis agreed with a small understanding nod which made people wonder who she tortured when she was basically locked up in her own place (she told them during one of the breaks after it was revealed Elisneh was evil to both sides).

"I would like to make a suggestion."
"A suggestion?"

Cale started to smile toward Pendrick, who was confused but also had some expectations toward what Cale would say. Pendrick would definitely remember how Cale mentioned, 'Arm,' and the, 'Eastern Continent.' Since this was new information that Cale did not share in front of the Chief, Pendrick would want to gather more information like this, if possible.

"Oh gosh, it's that smile." Jung Soo whistled as Soo Hyuk groaned a little. 

"That smile spells trouble every damn time." Soo Hyuk said with a sigh while recalling the times TCF! Cale smiled the same smile in the past. It always ended with a huge headache although it gave many benefits.

'There are no other races like the Elves that are so thorough with getting revenge.'

"Hm?" both Rasheel and Paseton let out a hum.

"Besides Dragons and Whales, of course." TCF! Cale corrected his past self before glancing at the room. "And some humans."

The Elves considered them to be an elegant race that was better than other races. That was the reason they were not materialistic. They believed that living in nature without materialistic greed made them better than other races, like the humans. Maybe that was why, but the Elves were thorough with making sure to get revenge on any enemies that choose to provoke them. In this aspect, the Elves probably resembled Dragons more than the Dark Elves. After all, the Dragons were an even more arrogant race than the Elves.

"True." Sheritt agreed without shame. Why would she feel embarrass when her species were the strongest in the world excluding gods?

Cale turned his gaze toward Balbud. Beacrox was thoroughly tightening the chains on his arms and legs.

"What about passing Balbud off to someone else?"

Pendrick's expression became odd. This did not seem to be the result he had wanted.

"I thought young master-nim wanted to torture him more or something." Pendrick confessed. "Although his choice was also agreeable in the end."

"Do you mean pass him off to you, young master-nim?"

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