Chapter 35

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"The fuck is wrong with you?" TBOAH! White Star asked Adalie, who was sitting on the floor while looking sad and blankly staring at the wall, the moment he entered the room.

"Fuck off, white rubbish." Adalie said while turning away from him.

"She forgot about April fools day." TCF! Adin commented while yawning a little. "Whatever that is." 

"How stupid." TBOAH! White Star scoffed, not knowing what 'April fools day' meant but it sounded idiotic in his opinion. Anyway, he sat on his usual seat before thinking of his plans and improving it based on the show they are watching in order to pass time and wait for the rest to arrive. He didn't bother making a ruckus because the last time some buffoon (Toonka) did it, Adalie hung him upside down. And, while it wasn't a hard punishment, he would rather not watch the entire episode by hanging upside down - he might miss some important information that would make his plans useless. Fortunately for him, he didn't have to wait long as the others arrived within ten or so minutes, all wondering the same thing as him (disgusting, in TBOAH! White Star's opinion, how he thought of the same thing as those morons).

"What's April fools day?" TBOAH! Billos asked in confusion.

"It's an...event in our world where people try to fool others through pranks." TCF! Choi Han explained with a hint of excitement. "It's a fun day."

"Were you planning on fooling us or something?" Maes innocently asked Adalie.

"Not you people." Adalie denied, not further explaining which caused some to wonder just who she wanted to fool. 

"Anyway, let's start watching or whatever."  Adalie soullessly said, playing the episode which earned everyone's attention.

Chapter 132: Not Scared (3)

Hilsman looked at Cale, who was suddenly introducing himself, with confusion.

"Not gonna lie, I would too if someone suddenly introduced himself to air." Jung Soo confessed. "I'd think they're either seeing ghosts or is going crazy." 

"You're not alone." Soo Hyuk agreed. "I'd immediately flee from that place so it's brave of Hilsman to stay. Eruhaben-nim is an exception because he's a strong ancient dragon." 

"Do you really think I'd go crazy?" TCF! Cale asked with a raised brow, only for it to twitch when the two didn't look at him while whistling innocently. "Well, fuck you too."

He ignored the looks given to him by Eruhaben and Sheritt for cursing, too offended by his hyungs' actions.  

However, there was someone grabbing his shoulder and pushing him back.

"Stand still."
"Excuse me? Hek, yes sir!"

"Poor Hilsman." TCF! Amiru said while staring at the said man on the screen with pity. 

"He's stuck between two scary places." TBOAH! Adite whispered. "Dragon-nim who he hasn't interacted much with or young master Cale who appears to have gone crazy."

"I'd choose the dragon if I was in his place." TBOAH! Duke Fredo calmly said. "At least I'd be safe considering he hasn't murdered me from the brief times we've interacted and I'm a vampire while that man is a human."

It was Eruhaben.

Raon was next to Eruhaben and holding his head up with his short paws as he observed Cale.

"Cute." TCF! Litana murmured with a small smile.

'Our human is in a weird state.'

"Define weird." TCF! Hannah said with a slightly teasing tone, now comfortable with speaking her mind without fear. 

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