Chapter 5

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When Adalie entered the room, she noticed that there was a heavy atmosphere lingering in the air. She observed the room and saw some people, like TBOAH! Lock and TBOAH! Witira, with tears in their eyes while others were quietly minding their own business. There was nobody talking at all and that made Adalie worry, especially when she saw Raon on Cale's chest with the two kittens comforting him as Sheritt was staring at Raon.

'It seems their talk went... okay?' Adalie thought before clearing her throat to announce her presence.

"If there is no rejection, let's read the next chapter." no one replied so she turned the screen back on.

Chapter 5: They met (3)

When does a person get more angry?

Is it when they get hit by a strong straight or when they are hit five or six times by annoying jabs?

"Obviously the latter." TCF! White Star said with an eye roll.

It is, of course, the latter.

TCF! White Star just smirked.

Cale threw five jabs before he was hit. Which means, one jab should be okay.

"Are you heading out?"


There were not many people left in the tea shop.

It was past 9pm. This was the time when there were more people in the bars than tea shops. Since this was the time that the people mining in the pits went to drink, the bar should be full of people.

"I look forward to your next visit, young master."

Cale nodded his head at Billos's statement.

"The tea was great."

Cale shared his observations with Billos.

"And the book was good even though I only got through half of it. I especially liked the main character whose abilities are appreciated and the way he grows."

In that instant, the corner of Billos's eyebrows frowned for a moment before returning to normal. His eyes were cloudy as he observed Cale.

However, Cale did not notice, as he was trying to remember the contents of the book. He was too worried about Choi Han that he did not pay too much attention to it.

"Unlucky bastard." TCF! Eruhaben sighed in pity.

However, it was still fun to read while having this sense of urgency in his heart.

It might be an auto-setting from possessing the original Cale's body, but Cale was able to understand the language of this world, and had no issues reading and enjoying the book. A smile formed on Cale's face as he continued to speak to Billos, who was standing there with a blank expression on his face.

"It was the same for me when I first woke up." Rok Soo admitted. "It felt weird but fascinating at the same time."

"Don't let anyone else read that book, so that I can read it whenever I come."

This truly was the immature son of the Count, who was trying to monopolize someone else's property. Billos, the bastard son of a wealthy merchant guild might not like it, but what could he do? Cale was the son of the Count.

"Yes! I will reserve this book only for young master Cale!"

However, Billos's response was different from what Cale expected. Billos smiled brightly as he urged Cale to come back soon.

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