Chapter 38

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"Hurry up and play the damn thing!" TBOAH! Toonka immediately ordered the moment Adalie entered the room. "I need to see what happens next."

"Toonka, be more respectful!" TBOAH! Harol scolded but didn't refute his words, also wanting to see what would happen to their kingdom.

"Then, let's go to the important parts." Adalie, who understood their thoughts, said while turning the screen on.

Chapter 145: Isn't it a pity? (4)

The soldiers subconsciously started to step back. They then heard a loud command.

"Everybody, retreat!"

It was Commander Toonka.

"Toonka...wants to retreat?" both Harols asked in shock, especially TCF! Harol whose heart was gripped with fear and worry as the Toonka he knew would never say that. He would rather die before retreating because he saw such act as a cowardly move.

"Things seem very serious." TBOAH! Cale said with a frown. "More dire than we expected."

"Why can't we just have peace?" TCF! Cale groaned in annoyance. "It's so fucking simple."

"Ask those shitty greedy bitches like him." the sky-eating water said while pointing at both white stars who looked at her.

"It's fun." TBOAH! White Star said with his counterpart nodding in agreement. 

"That's what psychopaths say." the fire of destruction said. 

"Isn't he one?" the wind asked in confusion. "I thought we already established that a long time ago?"

"Didn't we already?" TBOAH! Lock said. "After all, only psychopaths want to dominate the world."

"Technically, it isn't only psychopaths but yeah, in this case." TCF! John said.

The soldiers quickly moved away from Maple Castle.

Toonka gave an order to the warriors.

"The warriors with magic resistance to the front!"

The warriors with magic resistance moved in front of the soldiers and set up a formation.

"Hoh? How amusing." Eruhaben said. 

"What's amusing?" Jung Soo asked in curiosity.

"It's rare to see humans with magic resistance that high." Mila explained when she saw Eruhaben ignoring the question. 

Their movements were quick, but oddly awkward.

It could not be helped.


Thunderbolts, a downpour, and the gushing wind.
All three of those were surrounding Maple Castle right now.

Instantly, everyone in the room looked at TCF! Cale who paled when he saw how much hard work he would need to do in the future. 

"Cale, you're overworking yourself." super rock scolded while TCF! Cale looked at him with a look that clearly stated: 'Do I look like I want to work that hard?'

"Maybe it was natural and not made by Cale-nim?" TCF! Choi Han said although it was obvious he didn't believe it.

"No, you're right, there's a chance." TCF! Cale said with a positive mindset while others could only look at him in pity.

In this night with the new moon, the Maple Castle was the center of the storm.
However, there was something that was even more eye-catching.


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