Chapter 23

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Hi! So, I hate to be a bearer of bad news but I will be one for today. Unfortunately, life has started to become busy and I probably won't be able to update everyday so my update schedule will return to my previous one wherein I update once every three days. Thank you for understanding and I'll try my best to keep updating everyday.


"Enjoyed your break?" Adalie asked when she entered with an orange poof. "Yes, good. No, too bad." 

Chapter 97: I got a feeling (1)

One month later.

"So you did get a whole month of slacker life." TBOAH! Lock said.

"Congratulations." TCF! Bud said while drinking some alcohol. "You will now experience many headaches."

Cale got to relax for exactly one month. Honestly speaking, it was slacking off in his point of view, but everybody else saw it differently.

"Here comes the misunderstanding." Soo Hyuk sighed. 

"You really are an unlucky bastard." Eruhaben said.

"Is he bored?"

Raon was observing Cale, who was blankly staring out the window and eating summer fruits. Raon's face was serious.

How could he not be worried? Cale was rocking on a rocking chair for the last two hours while looking out the window and eating fruits. He didn't say a word nor even frown.

He was plucking grapes one at a time to eat before just blankly staring out the window now.

"Did you not exercise, Cale?" Jour asked in worry.

"I did." TCF! Cale said to reassure her but his children and ancient powers had a different idea.

"He didn't!" Raon said.

"He stayed in his room almost the entire time, nya!" Hong replied.

"He only left to eat with his family for breakfast, nya!" On continued.

"He lazed around the entire time." the shield revealed.

"He didn't even walk more than fifty steps per day and that's only because the steps going to and from the bathroom is around fifteen steps." the vitality of the heart finished.

TCF! Cale just looked at them all in betrayal while Jour started scolding him about not taking care of his health as his brothers (the Koreans and TBOAH! Cale) laughed at his misery secretly, not wanting to get scolded.

"Weird, very weird."

Now the slightly older kitten Hong was wagging his tail next to Raon while observing Cale.
Unfortunately, the two of them were rolling around on the bed and pretty far from Cale, who was by the window, so Cale could not hear what they were saying.

"He wakes up later and later every day. He is also eating less and less. He then goes to sleep earlier and earlier. He's barely moving these days."

At this statement, many looked worried and looked at TCF! Cale who was still being scolded like a child even when he was, inside, thirty eight years old. 

"I'm surprised you could do that." Dodori said. "If that was me, I wouldn't be able to stand not doing anything for a day, much less a month."

"Not surprising considering your mother works as a farmer who wakes up early in the morning each day." TBOAH! Duke Fredo said while glancing at the farming clothes of Mila. "A good choice, in my opinion."

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