Chapter 10

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Before the next reading began, a loud sound echoed in the room. Adalie blinked before grabbing her phone from her pockets, talking a little with the caller before hanging up with a big smile on her face.

"Okay, starting from now on, we will watch instead of reading!" Adalie cheered, pressing random buttons until the screen turned on with the face of Ron appearing with a flash.

"Let's start the show!" Adalie commented before pressing play, everyone besides the Koreans being amazed at how the pictures began moving as they weren't able to pay much attention to it before with the heart-dropping scenes. "Oh, and this is the last chapter for the day. It's getting quite late and children needs beauty sleep."

"Amazing, I wonder if it's possible to make this." TCF! Alberu wondered. They might have magic balls who could record things but not in this way. It was very clear and felt like they were literally there when it happened.

Chapter 10: Picked it up (4)

'Young master. I heard about everything from deputy butler Hans. This Ron will do whatever I can with my lacking abilities to make sure you can shine at the capital.'

Rok Soo looked at TCF! Cale in pity as TBOAH! Cale laughed.

Cale's shoulders were starting to shake as he walked out of the Count's estate. He was thinking about the conversation he had with Ron as soon as he woke up this morning.

'This is going to be your first time outside the Henituse territory, right? I am very good at hunting rabbits. I will hunt some rabbits for you when we are camping outside.'

Ron's calm and benign voice echoed in Cale's ears. He felt as if he could still hear Ron's voice echoing like a hallucination throughout the fog outside.

"You're really scared of him." TBOAH! Rei Stecker said in amusement.

Cale was scared of the fact that Ron was explaining to him about how to hunt a rabbit first thing in the morning.
'You need to be careful when handling a small animal like a rabbit that gets scared easily. Since you don't know when or how it will run, you need to pay attention to the surroundings and kill it in an instant. Ah, you also need to remove the innards after catching it. I am also very good at that.'

Cale had to turn away as Ron mimicked cutting open a rabbit with his hands. Ron was excited. However, the only thought Cale was having right now was that Ron was toying with him. Cale was just happy that Ron was heading to the capital with him.

Everyone looked at TCF! Cale in shock. What did he mean, wasn't he trying to avoid his butler and the son? Why the change of heart?

'I can take on Beacrox as my personal chef.'

Everyone understood why he was happy the two he always avoided would come and smiled in amusement.

Ron. Beacrox. Cale had already told Hans this morning, so that he could bring the father and son duo with him. Of course, Ron was there as well.

'Hans, I want to take Beacrox as my personal chef for this trip.'

'May I ask, why Beacrox? He is extremely busy running Kitchen #2.'

'I don't know. But I can't eat anything other than Beacrox's cooking. I will be taking him, so you figure out the rest.'

Both Beacrox and both Rons looked amused as TCF! Hans sighed in sadness, remembering his stress in finding another chef to handle kitchen #2.

Hans became anxious, but Ron seemed to be happy to be going with his son.

"I was." TCF! Ron nod as TCF! Beacrox smiled a little.

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