Chapter 22

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"Breeeaaaaak's oveeeeeerrrrr!" Adalie announced while falling from the roof, only to be caught by Soo Hyuk who had no choice for that matter because if he didn't, she would have crushed him. And, believe him, being hit by a falling object/person that high hurts bad. "Ready for the next episode? Yes? Okay, let's go!!"

"What a dramatic entrance." TCF! White Star said in annoyance.

"Like you don't do it." Adalie replied back with a glare.

Chapter 96: If I had to move (6)

"You are right. I am amazing."

"I am!" Raon said with a large smile with his wings fluttering.

Many cooed at the sight, feeling their hearts melt with cuteness.

'Damn, Raon can kill someone both by strength and cuteness.' Adalie thought in amazement.

Raon responded as Archie let out a dig that actually sounded more like a compliment.


Naturally, the ship was damaged significantly.

"With all that we've seen, it would be crazy if someone tries to wage war against you." TCF! Valentino said with a slight shiver. "You're so powerful with strong allies. Want to change kingdoms?"

"Are you stealing a noble of mine, crown prince Valentino?" TCF! Alberu asked with a smile although there was a little threatening tone in it.

'I can't give TCF! Cale to anyone.' TCF! Alberu thought. 'He's very useful, has many blackmail materials, and strong... but then again, he does make me his wallet. Hmm, should I give him up? No. You need him.'

"I'm just joking, your highness." TCF! Valentino said with a laugh, inwardly trembling in fear a little.

'How protective.' he thought before letting out a small smile. 'Well, that's a good habit to be a good ruler - protecting those under you.'

TCF! Cale just ignored TCF! Valentino's offer, not wanting to leave his family and friends.

However, it wasn't completely destroyed.

"That swordsman is pretty strong."

TCF! Hannah smiled in happiness, knowing that the little dragon praised her skills.

Raon's assessment was spot on. The swordsman was amazing. She was able to send out another boomerang shaped golden aura which destroyed more of Raon's mana arrows.

TCF! Hannah smiled wider after hearing TCF! Cale acknowledge her strength.

There were still enough to pretty much destroy the ship though.

"Ugh, ugh!"

Redika's body was shaking. Choi Han quietly observed the now-armless mage.

"I guess he'll die."

Those who cares for Ron cheered in happiness although some were disappointed it wasn't a painful death but an easy one.

Cale was observing Redika, who was nearing the end of his mana explosion. He assumed Choi Han would not do anything else since Redika would soon die.

"Ahem." both versions of Choi Han coughed. TCF! Choi Han knew what he did after while TBOAH! Choi Han knows himself well and knew his other version won't let the bastard die that easily.

"Those who hate blood can cover their ears and eyes with these." Adalie said, making black blindfolds and ear plugs appear in everyone's hands. Quickly, those who are kind-hearted used them and prepared for the worst.

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