Chapter 28

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"Okay, I'm back, was the meal time good?" Adalie asked the moment she appeared, regretting it when she saw TCF! Cale looking at her with tired eyes. She knew she was going to regret her next action but she still did it because of curiosity. "What happened?"

"Oh, nothing much!" Rok Soo said with a smile on his face. "We just made this fucker write 'I will not make self-sacrificing as an option when I make a decision.' one hundred times."

Adalie winced before glancing at TCF! Cale in pity, knowing how tiring it must be and glad she wasn't the one forced to suffer.

"But isn't that too cruel?" Adalie asked.

"Well, we all debated during meal time on what we should do to him and that was the only possible solution we could come up with." TBOAH! Cale said with a small yawn. "We didn't want to force him to stay cope up in his house because he needed to exercise and see the sun for his health. We also couldn't force someone to guard him 24/7 because he needed privacy and no one could do it except for the children who also needed time to play with others and the ancient powers who we probably wouldn't hear again when we come back."

"True." Adalie agreed before patting TCF! Cale's head. "Cheer up and look at the bright side, you got off pretty easily. Anyway, let's go watch now! Oh, and we're skipping the conversation between TCF! Cale and the elf head because it is not that entertaining."

She played the video before anyone spoke again, fearing that she'll be the next target after what she did in the past like giving her responsibility of controlling the room to TCF! Cale and others.

Chapter 115: Great and Mighty (3)


It was another Dragon aside from Raon.

"Is it me?" Eruhaben asked because, as far as he knows, he is the only dragon that interacts with that elf village. Plus, dragons are hard to find so the chance of the one they were talking about being him is extremely high.

"It is, Goldie Gramps!" Raon answered with a flutter of his wings.

Cale did not want to meet another Dragon.

"I apologize in advance on what I am about to think, dragon-nims." TCF! Cale said, recalling his thought process regarding dragons.

"Aigoo, you unlucky bastard." Eruhaben sighed when he heard what TCF! Cale said. "You thought us in a negative light, huh."

TCF! Cale only nod without looking at anyone, feeling awe, pity, and dumbfound stares at him.

'It's not my fault I didn't know my thoughts were going to be read/ heard out loud!' he inwardly thought. 'If I did, I probably wouldn't have thought of them like that!'

In most fantasy novels, old Dragons were characters that served as helpers who would give the MC the key for a critical point in the novel. However, the Dragons in, 'The Birth of a Hero,' were all just egotistical and arrogant beings.

"I mean, there are some dragons like that so it is a valid point." Dodori said while the other dragons begrudgingly nod.

'Didn't the novel say that all of the Dragons here were very selfish?'

"Actually, if any of you want to blame someone, blame the god of death." Rok Soo said. "I mean, TCF! Cale only thought that the dragons in this world was like that because the novel he read said so."

"I can curse him if you want." TBOAH! Cage quickly volunteered, ignoring the betrayed look her other self gave her. Sorry, but she had a lot of pent of frustrations towards that god that she won't let anyone else, even her other self, curse the god before her. "Anyone can come second."

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