Chapter 47

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"I'm bored with all the planning, I want action." TBOAH! Hannah bluntly said the moment Adalie walked in the room. 

"W-what?" Adalie asked with a yawn.

"She said the current shows are boring because it's filled with planning." TCF! Tasha gently said while nodding her head in agreement. "While it's fun to watch young master Cale plan the destruction of our enemies, it has gotten a little boring."

"Hmm," Adalie thought. "Then let's skip some parts. While it isn't full on fighting, you might all still like it."

Adalie quickly played the screen, not letting anyone speak their opinion. After all, time was running out and they were not even one-third done, forget the fact there was a sequel. At the rate they're going, they'll never finish within the year!

Chapter 170 - Perhaps (5)

Cale clenched his fist.
Crackle, crackle.
He could feel the electricity in his palm.

"Human, why are you trying to use the fiery thunderbolt? I will destroy whatever it is for you! Just tell me!"

"Yeah, yeah! Don't force yourself, human, you're extremely weak!" Raon agreed with his tv self.

"Okay." TCF! Cale immediately agreed, glad that he would be able to have more time with his slacker life. 

'Maybe it was a good idea to watch this.' he thought with a small scheming smile. 'This way, I don't need to do anything in the future and just let them do the work for me. If that happens, I won't be well-known in the future and can live on as a trash.'

'Is he going crazy?' TBOAH! White Star thought when he noticed the crazed look in TCF! Cale's eyes.

"I'm not using it."

"Yes, he definitely was not using it." TBOAH! Adin mocked. "Ignore the fact that it's literally in his palms."

"Achoo." TBOAH! Cage sneezed.

"What's wrong?" Taylor asked worriedly. "Are you feeling cold?"

"No, I heard bullshit." TBOAH! Cage said, causing TBOAH! Adin to grow red in the face.

Cale lightly pushed away Raon's face and started to walk. He could feel the slightly slippery ice underneath his shoes.

"Be careful, Cale-nim." TCF! Choi Han said worriedly. 

"Where are you going anyway, young master-nim?" TBOAH! Hans asked curiously. 

"Why do I find that place familiar?" the fire murmured with a frown.

At the same time, a warm breeze that followed the blue light from the token brushed by his face.

"Did something happen?"

Cale waved his hand toward Choi Han, who urgently arrived by his side.

TCF! Choi Han smiled, glad that he was still accompanying TCF! Cale, the first person he would consider his savior and, if he can be bold, friend. 

"Not really."
"That's good."

Choi Han responded back before following Cale into the path.

"Do we have to walk far?"

Cale responded back to Paseton's cautious question.

"I'm there too?" Paseton said in shock while both versions of his family and Archie looked at the screen in confusion. Because the tv was only showing TCF! Cale and a few shadows, they didn't know who was accompanying the red-haired until they speak. It was to "make things interesting", Adalie said.

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