Chapter 41

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Adalie wanted to cry as she pressed play, shivering from the predatory glares she was receiving by bloodthirsty people. Maybe it was a good idea to give the remote to one of the Koreans, specifically Soo Hyuk or Rok Soo, the responsible Koreans. She doesn't believe that she can last long if the group continues to glare at her for every single stupid thing TCF! Cale, mister 'I will achieve my slacker life by working my ass off every day', will do in the future.

'Is this how I die? Being threatened by the ones I love?' Adalie thought as she wailed in her heart. 'I still want to meet new people from different worlds!!'

Chapter 149: Vicious (4)

Swiiiiiish- Swiiiiiiiish-

There were two whirlwinds roaring on top of Cale's palm. Cale felt a presence and turned to see Raon looking at him.

"I told you I'm okay."

Even after Cale said that Raon continued to look at him with a sharp gaze that looked like it could cause sparks.

"Aw, Raon-nim loves his father!" TCF! Rosalyn cooed at the cuteness as many nod in agreement.

"Of course!" Raon said with a prideful look, already accepting the fact that TCF! Cale was his father like the kittens. "If I don't take care of human, he will do extremely recka...recklesh...reckless things!"

"I don't do reckless things." TCF! Cale said with a slight frown, not understanding what his son meant. He never did anything remotely reckless because he was the strategist of both worlds and not being careful, even slightly, can cause deaths. 

"My dear friend, you're very hopeless." TBOAH! Cale said while patting TCF! Cale's back as if comforting him.  

"I was told that there's a fine line between optimism and denial." Rok Soo said with a smart tone while looking at TCF! Cale with fascination. "You proved her wrong."

"You bastards." TCF! Cale cursed with a vein popping on his left forehead as many laughed at their skits.

"You three, well five including my nephew and his friend, can become comedians." TBOAH! Choi Han commented with a slight smile on his lips.

"No thank you." the two Cales and Rok Soo rejected while Jung Soo and Soo Hyuk contemplated his words.

"It might be fun." Jung Soo said which earned him three glares.

Raon started to speak.

"Your arms were shaking just now. Don't use too much of the ancient power. Weak human, you need to do some strength training."

"Good job for paying attention to dad, little brother!" On praised while patting Raon's head. 

"Yeah!" Hong agreed with an enthusiastic nod. 

"Cale, please have mercy!" whined the vitality of heart with crocodile tears flowing from his eyes. "Stop overworking and abusing your ancient powers and your body!"

"I don't know about you all but I feel bad about young master Cale's powers." TBOAH! Lock commented with a pitying look. 

"Agreed!" both Buds immediately said. 

"You should pay us!" the fire suggested with greedy eyes.

"No, you won't even use it." TCF! Cale immediately denied.

"Are we going to ignore how the little dragon suggested for young master Cale to do strength training like that would help his control with ancient powers?" Dodori asked but was ignored by many because they were either too busy suggesting ways for TCF! Cale to stop abusing his powers or just didn't know the answer. 

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