Chapter 7

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Merry Christmas everyone! As a gift, I will upload two chapters today :) It's not much but it's all I can give you, hahaha, hope you enjoy! (2/2)

When Adalie entered the room, she was surprised to see Rok Soo and TBOAH! Cale sitting down without any elegance like they used to (perks of being a noble). She was about to ask when she notice TCF! Cale huffing in annoyance while the three kids surrounded him. 

'Yeah, not even gonna bother asking what happened.' Adalie thought with a nod before going to her seat and starting the screen.

Chapter 7: Picked it up (1)

Late at night.

Deputy butler Hans had to stand in front of Count Deruth. He started to make his report while Deruth quietly listened until he was finished.

"Report?" TCF! Cale narrowed his eyes as TCF! Hans and TCF! Deruth moved away from him discreetly.

"He is currently sleeping in his room."

Hans finally finished his report and Deruth started to speak.

"The driver reported that he went to the Flynn Merchant Guild's illegitimate son's tea shop. Today, he brought a young man whose identity we cannot verify. In terms of drinking, he only drank a little bit and kept a clear head."

Hans's report was short, but Deruth found that short report interesting.

"Should we put a tail on him?"

He waved his hand to oppose Hans's question. He didn't want to know what his son was doing on the outside to the point he would put a tail on him.

"No need. As long as he is in the territory, anything he does is under my authority to handle."

Deruth cherished Hans the most out of all the young deputy butlers. It was because he fulfilled orders well and was a good person.

"Thank you for the praise, Count!" TCF! Hans said with a happy smile. 

"You deserve it." TCF! Deruth said. "Thank you for your hard work."

"Do what you have been doing in terms of observing Cale inside the house and reporting what you see."

"I understand."

Hans did not say anything else as he bowed his head.

Deruth. He was someone who did not have any special abilities nor any solid networks. However, just like the previous Count, he was able to rule over the Henituse territory and grow his wealth by selling marble and wine. He was someone who was able to protect his territory properly.

'Cale has changed.'

Rok Soo looked in shock as he felt a small hope grow in his heart.

'I know that I'm happy with where I am now but...' he couldn't stop the hope in his heart even though he knew it was dangerous.

Cale felt different than normal. It wasn't that he suddenly got smarter or stronger, but that his actions were clearly different from before.

"Ah, Hans."

"Yes, Count-nim?"

"Bring me some information about the Flynn Merchant Guild."

Tea shop owner, Billos. Deruth knew about this bastard son of the Flynn Merchant Guild. This was because the Henituse's largest trading partner for wine was the Flynn Merchant Guild.

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