Chapter 9

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Heya, everyone! So, I have read the comments in the previous chapter and just want to assure all of you that no one will lock away TCF! Cale. They are just threatening him so that he will learn not to always have 'sacrificing yourself' as an option when making a decision. I have not and will probably never read the fanfic some of you are talking about (you all scared me in the comment section) and just made this little note to calm some of you who were asking me not to do it. Well, that's all, hope you enjoy this chapter and have a great day!


When Adalie came in the next day, everything was silent. She observed her surroundings and saw that both Jopis and both Elisneh were glaring at each other respectively while many were still busy calming their hearts and minds from the previous episodes. But, more importantly, she noticed that the children asking for food from TCF! Cale.

"If anyone is hungry, you can just think about it and it will appear in your hands." she said while stretching. "Sorry, I forgot to mention that. Oh, and the washroom is right their at the back for those who need it."

Ten minutes later, when everyone came back to their positions, Adalie pressed the remote to start the chapter.

Chapter 9: Picked it up (3)

Deputy butler Hans immediately ordered another servant to call Choi Han over.

"Oh? We're back to reading?" TCF! Jopis asked in curiosity as Adalie nod.

"Yep, don't worry, we will go back to watching soon, probably later or tomorrow." Adalie answered as the people nod, deciding to save their question when they finally start watching.

"Where is he right now?"

"Ah, he is with Ron in chef Beacrox's kitchen."

Cale's heart jumped as he walked into the study. Were the three of them getting along as expected?

"No." the three mentioned denied.

"Based on what I've been told, he is learning how to cook basic dishes from chef Beacrox."



One corner of Cale's lips went up.

'Cooking my ass.'

They were calling it, 'cooking,' but he was probably learning about torturing or Beacrox and Ron were admiring Choi Han's sword skill. Cale didn't need to see it to know the truth.

"It wasn't!" TCF! Choi Han denied.

"Yes, young master." TCF! Ron smiled while ignoring TCF! Choi Han's glare. "My son and him were sparring."

Cale naturally walked over and sat down at his desk. He then casually asked Hans, who was idly standing in the corner.

"What did he ask for?"


Hans seemed shocked at Cale's sudden words, before quickly putting on a serious expression and started to report. It was the information Cale expected it to be.

Hans could not hide his sorrow and disappointment while sharing about what happened to Harris Village, and had gone to the Count with Choi Han to deliver the Village Chief's Plaque that Choi Han brought.

"Hans is a good person." TCF! Gashan commented, earning a bright smile from both Hans.

"Father met with him?"

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