Halloween Special

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"Boo!" Adalie screamed as she popped out of nowhere, shocking everyone in the room.

"What the fuck did you do that for, you psychotic bitch?!" TBOAH! White Star shouted in anger and embarrassment for being caught unaware.

"Well, for one, it's fun to see your shock faces." Adalie calmly answered with a mischievous grin. "Second, it's because it's Halloween today!"

"Halloween?" Hong asked curiously. 

"Yep!" Adalie agreed. "It's a day where horror takes life."

"I-it kills?" TCF! Basen stuttered in fear.

"Not really." TCF! Choi Han answered. "Just sometimes if something bad happens."

"It really happens?" TBOAH! Elishneh asked while looking interested. 

"Ignoring your creepy look, what I meant, Basen, is when horror becomes the main theme of the day, it doesn't mean literally." Adalie gently said. 

"Ohh~" TCF! Basen said in understanding.

"Anyway, are you all ready to scream?" Adalie asked with a slightly excited look. "I don't care because we're now starting!"

Warning: Not for the faint hearted. 

Chapter 350 – Severance (4)

The warmth shining down on Cale's face tickled his eyes. It felt like the morning sun.


It was at that moment.
He heard someone's voice.

"Hm? Who is that?" TBOAH! Violan asked in confusion before looking at her counterpart. "Is the voice familiar for you?"

"Not at all." TCF! Violan said with a small frown, uncomfortable at the thought of her son together with a foreign person. What if he gets hurt or killed? It was doubtful considering his powers but still, it isn't impossible. 

"My lord, it is morning."

'Lord? Who? Me?'

Cale opened his eyes.
He could see the ceiling of his room at the Henituse Estate. He had opened his eyes while on his bed.

"Oh fuck." TCF! Cale immediately cursed with a slightly pale appearance. He didn't know why but he had a bad feeling about the entire show, especially because it was apparently Halloween today. Yes, you do lose your sense of time in this place, wherever it is. 

"It seems you are the lord of the Henituse county." TBOAH! Cale mused with a raised brow. "It seems your plan to be a slacker failed."

"This is a lie." TCF! Cale immediately defended heatedly while standing up. "There will never be a situation where I will take the mantle of lord. I'd rather di-sleep instead of wasting my time."

He immediately changed his words when he was stared at by the kids and the others. 

Chapter 351 – Severance (5)

He saw someone that he did not recognize as soon as he opened his eyes.

'Who is this?'

"Same question." Jung Soo said. "Are you in an alternate universe?"

"That doesn't happen in real life." TBOAH! Choi Han immediately denied.

"Hi." Rok Soo deadpan.

"Ahem." coughed TCF! Choi Han.

"...Oh yeah." TBOAH! Choi Han realized, slightly sighing and surprised at how he forgot about his experience and this room. 

It was a young boy who seemed to be a teenager.
His eyes opened wide once he made eye contact with Cale.

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