Chapter forty seven: Epilogue

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"I think you'd like them, Annie. They've been good to me." Percy's forehead was leaning against her dead lover's tombstone while she talked to her girlfriend. She'd been telling the daughter of Athena about the many ups and downs of having lived with the Waynes. She told her about Wally and how Percy hopes she approves. She told her about the little demon and how he pretends to hate her. It'd been hours since she'd gotten to the cemetery, she lived very far from it and rarely got to visit the grave. Percy left bouquet of white carnations at Annabeth's grave and apologized for not having been able to save her.

It had been a beautiful day, despite the idea that going to the cemetery is something gloomy, though it was getting dark due to the nightfall that came much later in Long Island than in Gotham. She pushed off from her sitting position and she got up, shoving her hands into her front pockets, taking a moment to slouch over as she looked at the grave that read her birth and death dates along with the name and a small picture. Percy closed her eyes and took in a deep breath, straightening her posture as she mumbled a quick 'thank you'. She walked back to the train station, eventually getting back to the Wayne manor.

Percy wasn't really tired, but she was feeling sentimental. She sat on the floor of a living room, her back resting against the black velvet couch, looking at the calla lilies that looked wildly out of place in the dark lounge. With a sigh, the looked around the room trying to memorize every bit of it she could. She was yet to tell anyone, but she was planning on moving out, she found a nice apartment in New York near where she grew up. She wasn't going to ask the Waynes for money, they'd done so much for her already, she had found her own way to afford the cozy apartment. Percy had taken to a pseudonym; nobody knew it was her for she'd chosen the name Rick Riordan to write down her adventures and market them to the world by using the façade of a fiction writer. The books had been a great success, though she'd gotten help, with the dyslexia and all. She knew that this phase of her life was coming to an end and she was ready to accept that. 

Percy had never been overly fond of change, but during her time in the hectic bat household, she come to understand that change is inevitable, and one should embrace it rather than try and oppose it, no matter how fast you run the world will keep spinning forward (im coming for your kneecaps barry).  She made a name for herself, nobody knew it was her, but she no longer craved the spotlight as she did when she was twelve and shoving Nancy Bobofit into a water fountain. In so little time she felt so different from the girl she was years ago, trying to one up Jason and buying donuts for Blackjack.

After a while Tim walked past the living room in the dark, mumbling to himself incoherently as a crash was heard followed by Tim flinching and yells coming from the next room over.

"Get off me, Grayson!"

"Ha! The tidbit got in trouble with Dad-wing!"

"Both of you stop fighting! Percy's probably asleep, she's been really quiet recently." Dick shouted at his brothers. Percy heard this and quietly walked to the doorway where she saw three of the four brothers clawing at each other in the dark while wearing night vision goggles. She saw Tim walking back over now, a cup of coffee in his hands that were lightly shaking, his hair was disheveled and Percy leaned over to him and instructed him to close his eyes, which he did.

Percy flicked on the lights, the night goggle wearers shouting in pain as Percy made her presence known. "I am awake. But you shouldn't be. It's..." She paused, checking her wrist for the watch that was not there, she brushed it off and gave her best guess. "four in the morning, patrol should have ended a while ago" She lectured.

"Then why are you awake?" Jason asked, trying to show the irony of her scolding.

"Couldn't sleep."

"Me neither." The undead spoke, trying to get his point across.

"Just go to sleep!" She tried before realizing that it would be a good time to tell them. "Actually... there's something I have to tell you." She said, followed by a chorus of 'oh no's. They followed her into the dark lounge, all of them sitting, Percy on the floor again, Damian on an armchair pretending to hate them all, Dick with is legs pretzeled on the couch, Tim with red eyes perched on the arm of the couch sipping at his coffee mug, Jason was too badass to sit. "I'm moving."

"Well obviously, your molecules are in constant motion." Tim said, completely missing the actual meaning.

"No, not like that. I'm leaving the manor and I'm moving to an apartment in New York." Their faces fell. "Oh, don't look so sad, we aren't even here most of the time, plus I can see you guys whenever." She tried to make it better. But her brothers were not pleased, very clearly showing their discontent.

"But you can't leave! I refuse to be stuck with Todd for another three years." The blood son complained pointing aggressively at Jason.

"You know I have an apartment, right?" Jason countered; he had many safehouses.

"Then act like it, street rat." The youngest sneered. Dick soon broke them apart.

"I'm glad you're going on your own for a while, but if you don't mind my asking, how'd you get the money?" Dick asked while sporting a bright smile.

Percy mumbled something nobody understood, nobody except for Tim whose brain was on X games mode. Questioning glances were shot at Percy until Tim burst out laughing, some of his now cooled coffee spilling on his Superboy pajama pants. "Y- you wrote a book!" He exclaimed in between laughs. This lead to everybody shouting their congratulations. Soon after, they quieted down, just enjoying being in each other's presence. That was until Percy broke the silence.

"I wanna cut my hair." She blurted out of nowhere. "Come on, one last chaotic decision before I leave." She tried to convince them to help her. Soon enough, Dick was suggesting they 'Mulan' it which lead to Damian bringing in his katana and for Percy's long locks to be scattered across the floor, her hair now in a shoulder length bob that turned out better than expected, given the hairstylists being an acrobat and a 16 year old (probably) arsonist.

"I just wanted to say one last thank you. I'll have to leave soon, but you guys mean so much to me and I love all of you. Thank you for being a part of my life." She thanked them, bowing her head slightly and pulling them into a hug.

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