Chapter forty three

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Percy walked with her head hung low towards the Wayne manor, she wouldn't have had to be doing this if she had stayed in the Young Justice base, but as she put it "I'm a bad bitch, you cain't kiell mei!" Upon her arrival, she was met with an angry Alferd which ran shivers down her spine, after a long lecture on her safety and what-not she was grounded, to this she put up the argument that she is a legal adult, and Alfred quickly shut that down saying she was living under Bruce's (read as Alfred's) roof so she had to abide by their rules.

Handing the elder man her phone, she made her way to the room that started to feel more like a dungeon when she spent a couple minutes there without a distraction, however her hands did suddenly become very interesting. After three days of no phone, no pool, no outside world, Bruce Wayne finally returned much to her dismay. Alfred may have been angry that she stormed out, but the Batman was bound to be livid at the news of Percy's boyfriend.

"Soo... Bruce-y... what's poppin?" Percy asked while awkwardly standing in the horribly lit, safety hazard basement that the absolute whackjob Percy was related to owned. Bruce was joined by his four wards and the true hero, Alfred, who were all staring intently at Percy.

"Don't mind me just watchin'." Jason mumbled, getting a look from Dick.

"I  reviewed the footage of your 'great escape'." Bruce started, turning on a computer monitor to show the rest of the family while Percy cringed at being forced to watch herself on screen. All seven members present watched the computer with a mixture of horror and amusement.

Once the footage ended, everyone seemed to have something to say, their shouts overlapping but still audible. Each spoken with very different emotions as Bruce shut off the tapes and stayed quiet to see their reactions.

"That was very bold, Miss Persephone."

"Finally someone who sees the incompetence of the 'young justice league'."

"I have to call Wally."

"I think I'm in the mood to go hunting redheads."

"What has Con- Superboy done to get on your good side? I saw most of that week over the cameras and he barely spoke to you."

"I can explain-" Percy started, accidentally speaking with the crowd that quieted as she claimed she had an explanation. "Artemis was being bitchy." She shrugged as if that explained everything.

"That doesn't explain why you kissed my best friend!" Grayson exclaimed, he wasn't angry, just shocked. He knew that the speedster had been pining after the ravenette for a long time and he knew that they'd do each other good

"Oh that's what you want me to explain? Oh yeah, it was for dramatic effect." She replied nonchalantly, trying not to give away her relationship status while greatly outnumbered.

"You can't just do that for the flair! He's been head over heels for you since he met you! This is going to break him if you did it for some added pazzaz." Now he was angry, as much as he loved his sister, Wally would be absolutely fo find out he'd been used like that for a dramatic exit by the girl he'd fallen for.

"Oh yeah, I know."

"Have you at least talked to him about it?" Tim butted in befor things escalated. Damian was filming everything for blackmail.

"I most certainly have."

"Nonononononono. Oh no. Is this why wally hasn't contacted me in like five days? Percy I swear to God, if you're the reason he's gone MIA I am going to-" He paused for a second, "I don't even know what I'll do just know it won't be good for you."

"Okay. You do that, I'll be here when you're done." Percy sat on a blue bean bag chair that she had placed in the batcave against Bruce's wishes for when she hung out with them while they were doing bat business. An eye roll from Dick and he was on his way to the redhead's house. At this point Jason was long gone, something about speedsters and target practice, Tim was working on something and Damian surprisingly approached Percy.

"Hey, Dami, what's up."

"You... maybe you aren't completely useless." He said his true feeling hiding behind a sheet of ice. "And don't call me 'Dami'." He was turning to leave when percy grabbed him in a hug and didn't let go, using the barely-there height difference to her advantage.

"That's the nicest thing you've said to me." She rested her chin on Damian's hair (despite the fact that she had to go on her tiptoes to reach the top of the fifteen year old's head). "I think you're pretty great too." She whispered only for the boy to wrestle his way out of her grip.

After while, Damian left, claiming he was mad and Tim made his way upstairs, Percy stayed waiting for Dick in the bean bag as she had promised, soon enough a thrilled yell came from some dark entryway of the cave.

"Percy! Are you two really together?!" The exited older brother asked.

"Shut up bruce will hear." She shushed him immediately, but nodded in confirmation.

"Oh I heard." Came the gruff voice of the Dark Knight.

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