Chapter four

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Percy kept swimming laps throughout the afternoon, that was until she noticed someone else in the pool area. She stopped her swimming and looked up to find Alfred standing up straight and holding a towel in his hands, Persephone had no idea how long he had been standing there but she assumed that he would have been willing to stand in silence for a while.

"Hey, Alfred."

"Miss Persephone, Master Bruce requires an audience with you in his office. I suggest you dry up and get changed."  He said as Percy stepped out of the pool, taking the towel to wrap herself in.

"Alright, thanks, Alfred." She made her way to her room and changed into the first set of dry and cleanish clothes that she could find and made her way to the office (getting lost a couple times on her way).

"Hey, um, Alfred said you wanted to see me?" She spoke, poking her head into the office, noticing but not acknowledging the presence of the four teenage boys she'd be living with.

"Yes, Percy, the boys and I," he gestured to them,"we were talking and they told me something about you being under the impression that Dick is Nightwing? Is this true?"

"Yeah, and for being detectives you guys sure are birdbrains." She said and started laughing, in between cackles she tried, and failed, to say "Not you, Tim". The boy had gained her respect and reminded her of Malcolm.

"I hope you know that you may not share this information with anyone."

"I'm aware. Who would I tell anyways? All the fish in Gotham?" The billionaire glared at that comment, though Percy was not the least bit intimidated by it. "Alright, well, if we are done here, can I leave?"

"Sure." Bruce told her with a sigh while massaging his nose bridge. Percy left the room and went in search of flowers for the altar she had created.

"Okay, then..." Dick started once the girl had left the room. 

"I'm just glad that you guys finally got called out for your stupidity." Tim spoke while taking out his phone to check something. "Birdbrains..." He said to himself with an amused laugh.

"Father you must kick her out at one. She is a liability. We don't know what she'll do with this information, she could tell the Joker for all we know!" Damian said in a haughty tone of voice, though his eyes softened for just a second when he saw Jason flinch at the Joker comment.

"I mean I hate to agree with the demon, but she beat him in a fight which is no small feat. I could win against him in my sleep, but civilians aren't supposed to." Jason said, a smirk on his face when he heard Damian's small growl.

"Oh fuck off!" The youngest barked.

"Language." Batman droned out of habit. 

"Fights aside," Richard said loudy, gaining back the attention of the two quarreling brothers. "What will we do with her? I don't think she should enter the vigilante life just yet and I also don't think she should be left alone in the house. I don't trust her very much."

"Well, I'll be enrolling her in Gotham academy, so that part is settled, but other than that..." Bruce shrugged.

"When will she start?" Tim asked.

"Monday, so four days from now. Percy'll be in Jason's grade, so please don't get her into too much trouble Jaybird."

"I just checked her record, and maybe it's not Jason we should be worried about..." Tim handed bruce his phone to show Percy's school record. "That's a few more explosions than optimal."

"Guess she wasn't feeling the aster..." Dick mumbled mostly to himself.

"Damn it, Dick. I really thought you would have grown out of your word abominations." Jason shot at his older brother.

"Get whelmed, littlewing." Dick told his younger brother with a slight eye roll.

While the brothers were bickering, Percy popped her head back into the office. "Um, yeah, hi again. I overheard you guys talking about me, and I need to mention that none of those explosions were my fault." She thought over what she said for a moment, "...Well. No, yeah, what happened was not my fault." With that she left the batboys alone again.

"Okay?" The brothers shared another look. This girl kept getting more and more confusing.

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