Chapter ten

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One foot in front of the other, Persephone Jackson held a steady pace. She walked with purpose and intent having made up her mind on a serious topic. As she walked along the moonlit city, no sort of goon had the guts to mess with her, yet the silent streets were often interrupted by far away screams. Gotham was supposed to be the city with the most heroes, she knew from living with five of them, why is it that despite the abundance of heroes there are still corpses rotting in every other alley, why is it that most screams were barely seconds apart? She could not and would not sit for this injustice going on in her new city, while she refuses to be held a slave to the gods, she knew very well that she could not lead a normal life. What if she were to use he training for good, to help the little guy while the rest mainly acted upon larger threats.

The world was corrupt, she knew that very well, and she did not want a ball and chain tied at her ankles just because godly-condoms don't work! She'd be better off finishing her quest and resigning from her position as hero of Olympus to hero of men. The gods, almighty could very well care for themselves, but the question is if she could care for the everyday civilian. Yes. She'd decided, she'll be breaking her bonds by the end of the eclipse, she'll no longer be a servant to the gods. She's Persephone Jackson, and she'll be damned if someone else were to decide her fate.

"Miss Persephone, while we do understand that you value your freedom, Master Bruce has asked me to tell you that when going out at night to be more specific with your location or to take one of the boys with you." Alfred spoke calmly as he opened the main door for Percy to enter. He took her coat from her hands and hung it up as he awaited a response.

"I'll try next time, Alfred. Thanks. I just had to clear my head." Percy said gently, she knew that out of anyone in the wayne manor, Alfred was the least deserving of her wrath. Percy would not be staying for long, she had to pack a bag and leave to start on the quest. She quickly made it up the stairs and found her orange drawstring camp bag, she filled the bag with a few changes of clothes, a small 'freshening up' kit, along with ambrosia, nectar and a first aid kit. She grabbed some cash and quietly got food from the kitchen where she left a note explaining that she should be back after the solar eclipse that would be taking place less than a week from that date.

While on a bus to long island, Percy had more time to think about the prophecy. She'd come to the conclusion that it would take place near Mexico on the eclipse. The line "Beware or it will all turn to dust" was matching up too closely with the predicted dust storm and the warm embrace was reminiscent of the heat wave that mexico was experiencing. On second thoughts, the sheer amount of rare natural occurrences predicted to happen on the same day should have tipped Percy off, either way she was on her way to camp so she could discuss with Chiron. The bust got to her stop and she stepped out, soon after crossing the barrier into camp. She saw the rebuilding that was taking place and tears threatened to fall, she'd lost too much during the war, she shook her head and walked over to the half flooded Big House.

"Chiron!" Percy exclaimed as she walked through the doors of the bably blue structure. "I got news of a prophecy, and I think I know what's going on." The daughter of poseidon told the centaur, her voice growing solem.

"I am sorry, my child, I hate to see you always being roped into the gods' business." Chiron returned, wrapping his hands around the small frame of the girl in front of him in a paternal manner.

"Yeah well I won't be for long." She said under her breath, thankful that Chiron didn't hear. "I think I figured out some of it."

"Should I call the cabin leaders?"

"No, its fine, I don't want them to be brought into this."

"As you'd like." He gestured for her to continue.

"I think I have to go to mexico. The eclipse, sandstorm and heat wave are all lining up there along with the lines "sea Sun and shade" "warm embrace" and "all will turn to dust". The coincidence is too great to overlook." Percy said, passion leaking into her voice.

"That all makes sense. Do you have any idea who the sky may be taking form as?" Chiron asked helpfully.

"I don't know who, but I think I'll be able to spot someone I trust when I'm all the way in Mexico." A humorless chuckle followed.

"Yes..." Chiron seemed to be lost in thought for a moment before he snapped back. "Well, if you are sure about Mexico, then you should get going. A trip there without crossing into your uncle's domain will take almost three days uninterrupted."

"I will as soon as I stop by my cabin to get some Drachmas." Percy told the man who had become a father like figure to her as she jogged out of the big house. The daughter of the sea made her stop at Camp as short as possible, it brought back too many memories and left a bittersweet taste. She quickly caught a bus to New York City, and from there she found one that went straight to Mexicali. As she boarded the second bus, all she could do was hope that this quest would go smoothly.

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