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Green Lantern's Protégée by TheSpiffyWriter
Green Lantern's Protégéeby TheSpiffyWriter
Hal Jordan, one of the Green Lanterns and member of the Justice League, was chosen long ago by a cosmic ring to protect Earth. Now, it's his turn to mentor a protégée. C...
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Fallin' for the Speedster || Wally West|| #Wattys2017 by Litteral_Trash
Fallin' for the Speedster || Wally...by Briz
Brea and Wally are best friends, they have been since they were little. Every one has always told them that they would make the cutest couple, or end up getting married...
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Highschool//Young Justice by BirdflashBaby
Highschool//Young Justiceby ~KJ~
in which the team is in highschool.
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Robin's Past by miagirl33
Robin's Pastby Ashboy
In young justice Robin knows everything about them. In return they know nothing about him. Throughout their team and all they know about each other they get to know the...
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Avatar ⟶ Young Justice by dcmultiverse
Avatar ⟶ Young Justiceby 𝒎𝒂𝒓
❝ You must be swift as the coursing river, with all the force of a great typhoon, with all the strength of a raging fire, as mysterious as the dark side of the moon and...
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The Forgotten Speedster by WaveRider11
The Forgotten Speedsterby WaveRider11
So you know the story about Wally West and his uncle the Flash or Barry Allen, right? Yeah, they are so cool! I love how there was that one time Wally and his sister Ave...
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BirdFlash by wizcontrol
BirdFlashby wizcontrol
Dick Grayson was just your regular everyday human with a billionaire adoptive father Bruce Wayne and a very kind butler Alfred Pennyworth during the day. But at night, h...
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birdflash smut by i_have_no_life12345
birdflash smutby i_have_no_life12345
what does the title say?
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Rise From the Ashes - Percy Jackson/Young Justice {HIATUS} by Vee_TheWorm
Rise From the Ashes - Percy Jackso...by V
Percy Jackson was a name known by almost every demigod that knew of their parentage. To them she was the unbreakable hero who would save them when they were in peril; sh...
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impossible | barry allen by concupiscentz
impossible | barry allenby ♡
I thought the unimaginable only existed in fairy tales, and stupid redundant television shows. I never knew how wrong I was.
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DC Imagines by SnarkyGinger
DC Imaginesby SnarkyG
Open to requests. Will give forewarning to lemons/smuts but for the most part, it won't be too much. One-shots, preferences, etc.
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Darkness ⚡️ Kid Flash x Reader by lydiaofthefallen
Darkness ⚡️ Kid Flash x Readerby Fallen Author
Sequel to Shadows (Read that before this to understand). "Like a black rose, her darkness was beautifully fatal." ~ E. Corona ----- 4 years. 4 years a villain...
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Princes of Juvi by DarkAnonymousPest
Princes of Juviby Sydney
Highest Rank: #1 in Birdflash The team only consists of Artemis, Aqualad, Superboy, and Miss Martian. Kid Flash and Robin aren't a part of it because they never became h...
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Dove in the Darkness  by Brooklyn_Writes
Dove in the Darkness by Brooklyn_Writes
"Hazel." "What?" "My name." I swallowed hesitantly, afraid to shatter the silence between us anymore than I already had, "It's Hazel...
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Anjo  by MiissesJHaHa
Anjo by JJ
|Young Justice AU| |BirdFlash (Dick Grayson x Wally West)| The Dark Knight had faced some unexpected trouble during one of his routinely patrols in Gotham. When he came...
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Don't Speed On By °~Wally West (Kid Flash) X Reader~° by IAmDawnDagger
Don't Speed On By °~Wally West (Ki...by Dawn Dagger
#457 in Fanfiction on April 27, 2016! #54 in Young Justice on June 1st, 2018! #18 in WallyWest on September 1st, 2018! You're so happy! You're best friend has transferre...
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Young Justice: Super Girl by HotDoNotTouch
Young Justice: Super Girlby Anna
Join 13 year old Kara Kent as she struggles to fit in on the strange planet known as earth while battling new attractions and joining the newest team of teenage superher...
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  • supergirl
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Lethal Weapon [PJO/YJ] by euphoricsenses
Lethal Weapon [PJO/YJ]by ❝ HIATUS ❞
One would think if Percy would be put in a hero or villain situation, she would choose hero, right? Wrong. Sometimes everything is too much, and that's how Panther was b...
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~More Than A Program~/// Bart Allen x Reader by Maple-Obsessed-Cat
~More Than A Program~/// Bart Alle...by Offline, sorry my loves
"You're more than a program, Bart..." ///// (Y/N) was a basic girl. Well, perhaps not so basic. Quite unlike most girls her age, she didn't have friend...
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Back in Time by Shocky41
Back in Timeby Shocky41
Dick, Jason, Tim, and Damian all find themselves going back in time, all thanks to a disaster caused by Tim. They go back 7 years, back to when the Young Justice league...
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