Chapter fourteen

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"Zeus!" Percy shouted as soon as the elevator opened. She had enough of being the gods' puppet. She'd come to claim her freedom, to cut the ropes that tied her to a life that existed long before her's.

"Ah. The sea urchin." The head of olympus replied with a look of disgust on his face. "What do you want." he put of a fake smile, obvious that he just wanted Percy to leave.

"Here is my two weeks notice, except it's not actually two weeks, it's the two minutes until I leave." Percy said with a smile as she handed Zeus a paper with a drawing of a special hand gesture that underneath said 'f↻ck you'. As he read the paper, the deity's face shifted to an angry expression that he tried to hide, hoping that the teenager in front of his throne would leave. "I'll be keeping the powers, but would really appreciate it if you could turn of the monster attractors and I'll be out of your hair permanently."

"So you want to keep your powers but not help us anymore?" Zeus asked, offended.

"Yep." She replied nonchalantly, cleaning under her nails with another one of her nails.

"And why should I do that?" Zeus asked, high and mighty.

"I'll crumble your world." Percy said, her voice turned dark and her eyes turned into a raging ocean. "You broke my world, you plummeted all i cared about, bold of you to assume I wouldn't do the same." No hint of joking in her voice. Zeus would never admit it, but for the first time in many millennia, he felt fear.

"Alright. I assume you want to cut all contact to the godly world?" He gave in.

"I will keep in contact with my friends, any deity can walk through Tartarus for all I care." Spite filled her voice, she knew she'd once again won.

"Your request of no longer attracting monsters has been fulfilled." Zeus said after sending a short beam of light toward the young girl. "Pleasure doing business with you."

"Au revoir! See you in hell!" Percy shouted as she left with a horrible french accent. She waved her hand and sauntered away from the throne room and into the elevator. As she stepped out of the elevator and into the empire state building lobby, she once again met up with Jason.

"You 'had to stop' to see the empire state building?" He asked unamused.

"No, I had to end a.... contract of sorts." She smirked at her wording. She was free from the gods and their stupid monsters and useless quests. She grabbed Jason's arm and dragged him out of the building that she now had no connections to.

The two made their way to the Batcave. Despite Percy having known about the family's alter egos, she still had not visited the Batcave, something she'd wanted to do for a while. Jason spent the entire ride reprimanding Percy on how her actions were reckless and that she should have told someone. Halfway through the ride, she interrupted Jason's speech to ask him why he decided to become a hero.

"Oh no you don't. I see what you're trying to do. All I'm going to say is no. No. End of discussion." Jason was taking the 'older brother role very seriously with Percy (and only Percy. Let's ignore those few dozen times he tried to kill Tim and Damian.)Percy decided not to ask about it but do so alone, she knew the dangers of the world, she had even met those power hungry, ruthless deities who had created the world. She had to help, she may not be tied down to the gods anymore, but that doesn't mean that her heroics had left her. She loved the thrill, she just wanted to feel that on her own terms. After a while, they made it to the cave, where Dick was dressed as Nightwing and he had a friend dressed in yellow with him.

"Sup Jay, hey Percy." The oldest of the brothers greeted absentmindedly and continued to talk with the man in yellow.

"Hi Dickie-Bird, Wally." Jason greeted back, taking off his helmet much to the distress of the yellow one.

"Dude, there's a civilian in here." Yellow-man pointed out, looking over at Percy who was looking at the electronics with a face of amusement.

"Oh yeah, she's the cousin I told you about." Dick said.

"Wasn't your cousin a boy and not a 'regulation hottie'? I mean you said Percy." Yellow man continued, quoting the movie Mean Girls again.

"Percy is short for Persephone. If you call me that I will break your back, though." Percy told him, she was now standing next to him. "What's your name?"

"I'm Wally, but you can call me whatever you'd like, beautiful." He flirted.

"Okay, Lemon boy." She gave a shrug and grinned. Wally, in turn, looked confused but let it slide, he still had to discuss the prior mission with Nightwing.

Percy went up to her room, getting stopped along the way by each and every member of the Batfamily who again yelled at her about leaving with no warning. By the time she finally made it to her room, she started to work out a costume for her newly decided hero work. She wouldn't patrol in Gotham, she knew the Bats would find and interrogate her hero persona, so she decided to help out in Central City. She had heard that the Flashes were pretty chill and they probably wouldn't mind her being there. Her costume had a series of blue and white strap like designs. It was mostly a reinforced spandex, it wouldn't do much protection wise, but what harm was a scratch or two. It had a trident on her left hip and a mask protecting her identity.

Persephone Jackson was ready to start her new like. A life free of gods and monsters and quests. It was a dangerous life, but it was one she could call her own. She was starting a new life as Maritime.

I do not own Percy Jackson or Batman.

p.s. Hello again, my lovely readers. Happy America day I guess, I don't like it here, Canada can you please adopt me? Here is chapter fourteen. It's not my worst work, that's for sure, but it's also not the best. So Percy met Wally and I got to reference two things I love, Cavetown and Mean Girls. She yelled at Zeus and decided to start on her hero work. I may be a teenager, but you better believe that I dress like an elderly lady from the 1880s on the days when I don't hate myself.

Here is a photo of her costume. I can't draw masks so just picture a domino mask. (the proportions are not it, but oh well):

Okay thats all, I love you all very much, thank you for reading

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Okay thats all, I love you all very much, thank you for reading.

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