Chapter thirty two

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"Shit..." Came a mumble from Percy's mouth along with a loud clash and a wince. The pots and pans suspended over the kitchen island came tumbling down during the early hours of the morning before any of the Bats had awoken.

Jason entered the room facing an internal battle, trying to convince the voice in his head that no- his family was not trying to kill him, yet the unspoken words  seeped into his consciousness like venom, he was believing himself less and the voice more. Giving in to the velvety smooth murmurs in his mind seemed like a much better alternative to the killer migraines he got after trying to fight it off. 

Percy was crouched over the white marble island, grabbing at her left shoulder while whispering curses under her breath and surrounded by a myriad of kitchen utensils. She exhaled forcefully while chanting to herself "You've gone through hell and back, you can deal with this. It's not even that bad, see? look it doesn't even hurt anymore." She drew her hand away from her shoulder, now coated in blood. "Well, there goes my idea for a morning run."

"What the fuck are you doing Percy." Jason spat at the girl before him, it was odd for him to have spoken to her like that, since the fight Percy got into, Jason was her sworn guardian and now when she was clearly in pain he acted as of she were poison in his veins.

Percy was taken aback, but assumed he wasn't able to sleep or had a bad day. "You feeling okay, Jay?" She asked softly while her thin shirt got soaked with blood.

THe older merely scoffed and rolled his eyes, kicking at a pot that had fallen to the floor and leaving Percy alone in the mess of a kitchen. Internally he was outraged with himself. Percy was bleeding and he didn't do anything!? He was trying to get himself to go back and help percy, but as if a blindfold had been slipped on him, he was perfectly helpless. He felt as though he were trapped in a car trunk, only vaguely aware that he was moving and capturing some outside noise. He felt the sane part of him curling up into itself and falling into a blissful slumber, and he wanted to do so too, so he did.

Percy stared, confused at the kitchen doorway where Jason had just left for a beat too long. She shook her head cautiously, knowing if she was too rough she could hurt herself more than she already had, she opened the wound at a surface level she didn't need the suture on the vein to rupture too. She clutched her shoulder while making her way off the counter and around the pots, she'd clean them when she wasn't bleeding, and walked quietly to Alfred's quarters and knocked gently. The elder man opened the door, dressed in his undergarments.

"Miss Percy? It's not even five...?" He stated questioningly. As soon as he noticed her shoulder bleeding, he ushered her away from his room and into the Batcave where Tim sat typing furiously at something. He began to restitch the opening as Percy made smalltalk.

"Did something happen to Jason?" She asked, concerned.

"I do recall Master Jason staying home from school this morning claiming something from patrol had made him ill, Master Jason also asked me to avoid giving him a checkup. I haven't seen him since." Alfred reported, his british accent soothing the girl's worries.

"Yeah..." Tim spoke up, turning his head towards the pair while keeping his eyes on the high tech screen. "Jason seemed kinda off today. What'd he say to you, Perce?"

"I mean, he snapped at me in the kitchen, but I probably woke him up, right?" She replied, the rational part of her screamed that no, he was awake, his lights were on, but she didn't want to believe that the first of the Bats the trusted could hurt her. 

He couldn't have meant it. 


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