Chapter nineteen

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A loud thud resonated throughout the Wayne manor as Persephone flung herself onto the very comfortable mattress after having been shopping. The soft cloud of a bed seemed to be absorbing the teenaged girl, using this as a much needed break before she would have to interact with people and press. Percy was unable to relax for more than a couple of minutes when a group of young ladies dressed in gray appeared in the room claiming to have been hired by Mister Wayne to prepare the sea's daughter for the large event to come. A shower and an eternity worth of hair and makeup later, Percy was putting on the much dreaded dress and heels. She stomped her way down the stairs in the tall heels, she had been taught by the Aphrodite cabin years ago how to handle all sorts off tall shoes, but she was here to make a point, so she would walk as loudly as possible to let her brothers and Uncle know how much she hated this.

"Did you guys hear something?" Jason asked sarcastically as they heard the loud clattering of Percy's stilettos. "Or are we just reenact that scene from Jurassic Park?"

"Hey Jaybird?" Percy said innocently as she finally entered the room filled with suit clad boys, now walking properly. "Hannah called, you're the fourteenth reason." A stupid smile gracing her face, the other three boys were in fact laughing at this.

"Turns out the girl is not a total disappointment." Damian said, face emotionless as usual.

"Says the fetus who lost to the so called disappointment." Percy laughed while moving her arms to be raised and pointing at the youngest. "Anyways, what are we here?"

"Bruce wants to go over what is supposed to happen and how we have to act." Tim told her with a slight shrug, he fixed the cuffs of his suit. "He does this any time we have a formal event, it's mostly to go over the schedule and to maintain the image that the media has of us; the charming one, the heir, the CEO, the mystery, and so on."

"Okay? What's my role then?"

"We'll have to find out when Bruce gets- speak of the devil." Dick remarked as he saw his guardian enter the small office where they were gathered. In the end, Percy payed little attention, what she got out of the long talk was that Percy had to play a perfect daughter sort of character, it would have been the innocent girl if it weren't for the Lucas scandal a while back. Bruce would call Percy up to the stage to deliver a pre made speech.

"Let's get this bread!" She said as they were dismissed, much to Damian's annoyance.

As people and media started to pour into the large home's ballroom, more people took an interest in Percy who used her charm to win over hoards of reporters who were walking over to the newest Wayne. The night continued on as any would assume a gala event would, until Bruce Wayne made the announcement of his newest ward. He called the girl on stage and so she began to walk toward the platform on the opposite end of the room. As people noticed her, they began to part in order to allow for the new center of attention to make it to the microphone. The dark silky fabric of the dress accentuated her deep tan, her black hair was in a neat, slick high pony allowing for her sharp features to be in the spotlight, her eyes grazing over the crowd, a slit in the dressed allow for Persephone's long legs to be seen wearing light beige pumps, her nails had been painted a clean white and she wore but a simple bracelet and dangling earrings.

As she walked over the steps of the platform, she tripped and quickly caught herself, she made it to the mic and started the speech differently than she was supposed to. "Don't worry, that was planned. The trip was all a plan to get your attention, I see you eyeing the food table." This earned a laugh from the crowd. "My name is Persephone Jackson, and I will be hiring a hitman if you call me anything other than Percy." She again amused the people surrounding her and delivered her speech explaining what had happened and why she came into the Wayne's household. "I will now be taking questions, so ask away."

"I couldn't help but notice a collection of scars that you have, could you share what happened?" A reporter near the back asked. So she could see past the mist, may as well take it off now.

"Well, this was something I was going to announce later on in the night, but I'm actually Batman." She joked and continued. "Sure, Batman might be a man, and he may have been active for longer than I have been alive, but rest assured, that's me." The crowd seemed pleased with her humor.

"What's it like living with the Wayne's?" A young reporter asked.

"Do you have brothers, ma'am?" Percy asked in reply to the question.

"Well... yes." She answered back, confused.

"Then there's your answer. I'm also like thirty percent sure the little one wants to kill me." She smiled a fake yet stunning smile.

"Looks like we've got ourselves a jokester!" An amused voice spoke from the back. The person stepped out of the shadows to reveal himself to be the Clown Prince of Gotham. The Joker then looked down and acted surprised, "And you've also got The Joker!" He laughed at his own joke.

A representative walked up to Percy and tried to tell her to leave but she was intrigued and decided to continue to watch what the Joker was up to. Without her noticing, a large thug had snuck up behind her and grabbed her, she probably would have been able to fight him off but due to the large panicked audience she let herself get carried away. The Joker made eye contact with the thug and shouted at the crowd, apparently having gotten what he wanted.

"And Pop! goes the weasel!" He shouted, throwing a can of non lethal Joker Venom at the word pop, and running off.

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p.s. Hello again. I'm posting this and the next chapter one after the other because im excited! Again, this chapter is unedited and pretty lame but just you wait. I was going to include Rachel but I got sorta carried away and I didnt, but I'll be sure to add her some other time. Okay thats all I have to say for this chapter. I love you all, peace and prosperity be with you!

Almost forgot, here's the dress:

Almost forgot, here's the dress:

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