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Commander Alpha by koroy003
Commander Alphaby Krispy
Commander Alpha of Chaos's Army (PJO/HOO Fanfic) Percy Jackson. Savior of Olympus. Hero of the century. For a while, he's the most respected demigod out there. But i...
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The Masked Legend (PJO Fanfic) by MoonEclipse777
The Masked Legend (PJO Fanfic)by MoonEclipse777
500 years ago, the demigods made a mistake that drove their hero out. However, a strange thing happened. Few months after his disappearance, a new myth was created. The...
  • pjo
  • olympians
  • hoo
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Percy Jackson and the Avengers (Percy Jackson Fanfiction) by xXFishgirlXx
Percy Jackson and the Avengers ( The Fishiest Fish
ACTUAL BOO SPOILERS!!!! Percy was hoping for an uninterrupted final year of school with Annabeth after the Giant war. Of course, he didn't get it...
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Percy Jackson The New God (Old Version,  Under Editing) by KatieMossman
Percy Jackson The New God (Old Katie Mossman
Annabeth leaves Percy for another guy. When the gods once again offer him immortality, Percy Accepts. what will happen? Read to find out. Obviously I'm not Rick Riorda...
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Outside Watchers by redheadharpy
Outside Watchersby Rose Ampolis Fray
Cute Percabeth stories seen by friends, mortals and strangers. R&R love you x
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HarryPotter and the Grandson of Voldemort PercyJackson and the Annoying Mini-me by BansheeBunny333
HarryPotter and the Grandson of Jade
Harry Potter is a hero, but no one is jealous of him. (In the sixth book) The wizarding world has just come to term with the fact that Voldemort is rising. Harry who kne...
  • oldernico
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The Lost Legend (Percy Jackon Fanfiction) by MarvelKnight132
The Lost Legend (Percy Jackon AmidstChaos
Percy Jackson had the life everyone wanted, he was the hero of Olympus, respected by the most powerful beings, and had the best of friends. However, fate works in cruel...
  • fantasy
  • guardian
  • order
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Percy Jackson and The Avengers by emlove0
Percy Jackson and The Avengersby Emma Rose
Percy is heartbroken. Heartbroken and desolate. All he wants is his family (both blood and not) back. But he knows that all dead things should stay dead. The Avengers d...
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The Grandson Of Voldemort Is A What? by SerinaTheNerd
The Grandson Of Voldemort Is A SerinaTheNerd
Find out what happens when a certain demigod finds out that there's a hidden part to his mother's side of the family, that even she doesn't know about. Harry and the ga...
  • hp
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Percy Jackson/Riddle by F160N4CC1
Percy Jackson/Riddleby SpiralPhotographer
Yay, a bandwagon that is so full I'm surprised it hasn't collapsed yet. Or maybe it has, either way, I'm gonna have some fun with this story. So yeah, Harry and the othe...
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Betrayal and Redemption by Dam_potterhead
Betrayal and Redemptionby Dam_potterhead
Annabeth cheated on Percy his parents are gone and he has nothing left. The camp is filled with pain, why would he stay? He doesn't he goes alone. His new life is filled...
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An Unfortunate Crossing (Avengers/Percy Jackson Crossover) by Belle_books_
An Unfortunate Crossing ( Martha
Percy Jackson. A name that strikes fear in monsters name. The Avengers. A name that strikes fear in any human. What will happen when these two unexpected groups meet? P...
  • pjo
  • crossover
  • nicodiangelo
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I Am Percy  by Eclipse_Rose
I Am Percy by Angel of Chaos
"Well? What did he sign?" "He said 'Well jacka$$? What do you f**king want?'" --------------------- Percy just stopped talking one day. No one knew w...
  • winchesters
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Percy Jackson, The Heir of Slytherin by darkarchangel2
Percy Jackson, The Heir of C 💫
Perseus Jackson, or, Percy Jackson. The name most monsters and demigods have heard of. The two time savior of Olympus, the destroyer of Kronos, and all that heroic stuff...
  • camphalfblood
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Son of Chaos (A PJO/HOO Fanfiction by musicMacK
Son of Chaos (A PJO/HOO Fanfictionby glitterygrunge
Percy Jackson has saved the world two times, from Gaea and from Kronos. He can finally relax. But when his half brother Kurt arrives, he's betrayed by everybody except h...
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The New Avenger by bex1112
The New Avengerby Digit
Everything's different now, after the Giant War. So even after arriving home Percy can't tell anyone the truth; not his mom, not his new, rather odd, neighbor, not the f...
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My Mothers Side by Myhorses_Mylife
My Mothers Sideby Charlotte
Sally died protecting her nephew Harry Potter. Lilly and James Pottor come back home to see her dead and Harry crying. But they notice something else is wrong. Their nep...
  • blackjack
  • olympus
  • percabeth
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Percy Jackson -The Prince of The Galaxies by shimmy_simmi
Percy Jackson -The Prince of The Poseidonsdaughter
Disclaimer ********* I Don't own any of this except the plot line and some new characters. All rights belong to Uncle Rick. This is my first book so pls be nice on comm...
  • omegulous
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Percy Jackson Wolf Of The Hunt BOOK 1 by HydraMinos
Percy Jackson Wolf Of The Hunt HydraMinos
Written in: 2016- 17 Disowned Cheated Betrayed Percy had nothing to live for, No future, no purpose, no reason to still walk the earth, between life or death He took it...
  • werewolf
  • werewolves
  • camphalfblood
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The New Olympian  by Primordial-Miky9
The New Olympian by Primordial- Miky9
After the war against Kronos, Percy Jackson learn things from Annabeth that will leave him betrayed... Percy becomes a god, not a minor one ... a major god ,the fifteent...
  • avengers
  • percyjackson
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