Chapter eight

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Right cross-Left hook-Right cross. Again. Right cross-Left hook-Right cross. Again. Right cross-Left hook-Right cross. Percy repeated this basic boxing sequence, trying to release her emotions on the her second punching bag of the night. The nightmare had shaken her up, no doubt about it, having to relive her experiences in hell, this time held back by chains, both physical and metaphorical. The love of her life, telling her how she was never worth it, how Percy deserved to die instead of her, her friends blaming her for their deaths, cruel words following her with every step she took through the hellscape.

Damian Wayne stood by the gymnasium doors, watching as her boxing became less methodical and more emotional. He couldn't see the tears beginning to fall from her clouded over eyes but he feel the waves of power radiating off her. He approached her, deciding to stop her before she could hurt herself. Placing a hand on her shoulder, Percy judo flipped Damian before she whipped her eyes and noticed who it was.

"Oh. Hey, Dami." She said, her voice rough, neither acknowledging her tear stained eyes.

"Do not call me Dami." Was all he said. Percy seemed to come to a realization during the moments of silence where Damian was merely glaring at her.

"You're sword one, right?"


"You use a sword, right? Like you know how to use and spar with one?"


"Look, I hate to ask but I've been itching to get my hands on my sword and the trees at the orchard aren't great partners, Will you spar with me please? Just this once?" She pleaded, eyes already raking over the copper swords o display behind Damian (She knew better than to fight a mortal with a godly weapon).

"Fine. But be prepared to loose." He said, keeping his stoic appearance but giving in out of a smidge of pity in his heart.

"Thank you!" Percy yelled, pushing the memories from her dream to the back of her head. She walked over to the wall adorned with swords and began to test  them out in her grip, she soon found one very similar to Riptide that she felt comfortable with.

"Didn't you say you already had a sword?" Damian asked, bored and admiring the katana in his hand. (How he got it, Percy had no idea.)

"I'm not going to fight you with Riptide." Percy told him as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

"And she named her sword. Of course she did." The young teen mumbled while walking over to the sparing mat and getting in a fighting position, Percy following suit. The two began to fight, slashing and striking, the clashing of metal filling the room. Lunging and dodging, the pair hadn't noticed the small audience that had formed around them. Eventually, Percy had pinned Damian and he finally gave up.

"I won." She said excitedly while Damian glared up at her. "You're really good, I'd love to do this again sometime." She offered a hand to help him up, he got up and shook her hand.

"I must admit, you performed better than most." He said haughtily. Percy let out a chuckle and ruffled the younger's hair.

"I sure hope so, five years of sword fighting and near death experiences better have payed off." She mumbled hoping nobody heard. "Well, I gotta go-" She paused whatever she was going to say, noticing a cluster of shadows shifting. She let out a curse in greek.

By this point, the batbrothers that were gathered in the room noticed the shadows warping too and got into a fighting stance, Percy had uncapped Riptide and clutched both swords on either hand. From the shadows fell a young boy who tried to take a step but collapsed.

"Oh my gods, Nico!" Percy practically shrieked and rushed over to check on the child of death before her. "Dam it, Nico! I would have thought that by now you would have learned better than to overuse your powers. Has Will taught you nothing?!" She continued to scold him despite the fact that he was unconscious. 

"Care to introduce us?" Jason asked casually, as if a half dead boy falling out of shadows were a normal occurrence. 

"Bat-boys, Nico. Nico, Bat-boys." She rushed, waving the limp hand of Nico in greeting. "I'm going to deal with him real quick if you don't mind." She stated, rushing to grab her gym bag and attempt to feed Nico some Nectar, as she did, his pale face gained a little more color and his breathing became deeper, telling percy that by this point he was just asleep. "He's asleep right now, so I'll let him do that. Any- who, whats up." Percy said, being great in a crisis.

"He seems really familiar..." Dick thought out loud.

"Yeah, I feel like I've met him before, I just don't know where." Tim agreed.

"I wouldn't be able to tell you, he's very secretive." Percy said with a nonchalant shrug, having just placed Nico on one of the benches. "I hope he wakes up today. Last time this happened he spent quite a while asleep." 

"Why'd he come from the shadows." Dick asked.

"I don't know. Nico likes to do that a lot, I mean use the door, dude." She waved her arms around for effect.

"How did he do that?" Damian demanded.

"Something to do with his dad. He explained it one time but there was a dog and I have priorities." A grin spread across her face at the memories of Mrs. O'Leary. "Speaking of dogs, have any of you seen Bianca?"

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