Chapter twenty eight

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"Maritime; friend or foe. Could Central's newest hope have been a scheme to bring in the Gothamites?" Said the news reported before the television screen cut to the news logo.

"Uh oh. Spaghettio." Percy mumbled, slightly loopy from the surgery she had undergone. The bullet hadn't made it out and that was all that Percy knew, a doctor would come and brief her on it soon.

"This is bad, Harles." Poison Ivy mumbled to her girlfriend while she crossed her arms over herself, not bothered by the cold, but how hostile the ambiance of the sterile room was.

"You're tellin' me. She got so excited the first time they called her a hero on TV, she called me and everything!" The blonde replied, reminiscing over the recent memories.

"Pssst!" Percy called for their attention, attempting to be discreet and failing. "Does Bruce-ie goose-ie know yet? D'ya tell 'im I got rootie tootie point and shootie'd?" She asked, very out of it.

"Well I sure didn't tell him!" Harley told her in a playful way, similar to how one would talk to a toddler. "Your speedster boyfriend probably did, though."

"I don't have a boyfriend. And I'm not dating Sonic, but that smexy beast could get it any day.." Percy mumbled. "Wally's cute. He's a little cutie patootie." A silly smile graced her face.

"You're a minor." Ivy pointed out, the three had become very close since percy was 'kidnapped'.

"Yes." Percy flung her right hand over the hospital bed and moved it around clumsily.

"What do you need, Puddin'?" Harley asked cautiously, she didn't want the girl to injure herself.

"Phone, please." She said with a clearly out of it smile, nearly closing her eyes in the process. Harley handed over the phone and Percy unlocked it, calling the first contact she thought of.

"Hello?" A gruff voice answered the call.

"Jaybird!!" Percy shrieked enthusiastically. "Blue Jay. But you're red? Red Jay? No, those are called carnivals. Or is it cardinals? Annie tried to explain it one time. I miss Annie. I miss you Carnival."

"Are you high?" He asked worriedly, he'd been in the middle of a meeting as the Red Hood, but his little sister was more important.

"On life!" She let out a giggle and missed the look the two villains sent her, telling her not to call her family. "Whacha doin, Cardinal?"

"Nothing," he said after a sigh, "Where are you, Percy?"

"I'm not sure, but Mama Harles and Mama Ivy are with me." The two women mentioned widened their eyes, they couldn't leave Percy alone and didn't want to interact with the Justice League sponsor. "The bed is comfy but my arm hurts..."

"Mama..? You know what, I'm on my way, don't hurt yourself." He hung up and called for Tim to track Percy's phone. The two brothers made their way to the hospital where the only girl of the household lay, they didn't have an issue with security seeing as they were the sons of a billionaire.

"Percy..." Tim started but trailed off as he saw the girl wearing a mask and hospital gowns surrounded by two of Gotham's notorious villains cuddling on the uncomfortable couch.

The two villainesses shared a look and quickly jumped up and out the window while everyone was frozen in confusion. "Buh-bye Puddin'! Mwah!" Harley cried as she was running, Percy blew a kiss and giggled.

"Carnival! Burgers! You came!" Percy said, lifting her arms enthusiastically, causing her to wince and clutch her left shoulder yet again.

"Burgers?" Asked Tim, looking very mused.

"Red Robin- Yum." She sang and opted for swinging her head side to side excitedly.

"Why were you with Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy?" Jason asked, acting all big-brotherly, his arms were crossed and his stance was wide, making his already tall self seem ever bigger.

"They brought me here." She said with a smile, ignoring the serious tone.

"Why?" This time tim spoke up.

"This lady pulled out a gun and bang bang and I called them 'cause my shoulder hurt." She explained as if it were the most obvious thing.

"What's with the mask?" Tim asked.

"You know Maritime? Well I'm she. But shhhhhhhhh, nobody can know, okay?" She slurred her words and dragged out her sushing.

"What the actual fuck-"

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