Chapter thirty nine

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It seemed like a normal morning in Percy's mind, she'd woken up obnoxiously early, the dreams consuming her mind, while they weren't as bad as before, Percy had nothing close to a normal sleep cycle. She spent hours cuddled under the soft comforter the Waynes had bought, on her phone scrolling through tiktok, until around seven when she decided it was an appropriate time to get out of the warm blanket pile she called her bed and walked to the kitchen in her fuzzy Nemo pants where she found the youngest of the family staring intently at an empty mug that sat before him.

"What'd the mug do to you, Dami?" She laughed as she went around the kitchen island in a circle, forgetting what she had gone into the kitchen to do and just settling for sitting on the white marble countertop and watch as Damian glared at the ceramic mug in front of him.

"Sea wench." He snarled and continued his staring contest with the pun printed on the mug. "Alfred took the coffee make." He mumbled.

"Coffee! That's what I was going to do!" Percy exclaimed victoriously before she realized what he really said. "There's no coffee? For how long? Why? Doesn't bruce literally live off of coffee?"

"Shut it, hag. You'll find out soon enough." Damian spat at her, unmoving. Eventually the girl decided against staying near the demon and she walked over to the dining room where the rest of the bats were gathered at opposite ends of a very long table.

She greeted the lot simply to which they gave very unenthusiastic greetings back. She noticed that they were all avoiding eye contact with her an very pointedly doing that 'act natural' cliche where they look very unnatural, the situation would have been almost comical had she not been the one out of the secret. After sitting down and glaring questioningly at the Batboys she had a very silent meal alongside the Waynes. Their silence was not a comfortable one, all five of them (Alfred was nowhere to be found) looked guilty towards the girl and it was killing her.

---Let's try a time skip for once--

"So Bruce went off world? And Alfred left to England due to a personal emergency? Okay, that makes since, what I don't get is why I have to stay at the Young Justice base." Percy summarized after she'd been explained the situation.

"Well-" Dick started, it was obvious he was trying to be gentle with the girl, when he got cut off by the youngest who showed no pity.

"You're a liability."

"That's fair." Percy shrugged. "So does this mean that you guys are also staying?"

"No, we have separate instructions and different missions. When I told Wally he said he could stay at the base if you want him to, I mean if that makes it better." The Romanian offered helpfully.

"I guess..." She mumbled hiding the fact that she was ecstatic to spend more time with Wally. "When do I have to go?" After another long conversation that consisted of Percy whining about not wanting to go, Dick feeling bad, and Damian barking out snide comments and waiting for his brother to finish since he had been assigned to be cared for by the older boy.

Half a day later, Percy had a small duffle bag filled with clothing and her mask secured on her face, the intricate detailing of it contrasting beautifully with the simple white tee shirt and paperbag shorts she wore. She stood in front of the Zeta entrance and dramatically stepped through, acting as though she had been shot through the heart as Dick and Damian watched.

"Hello friends and fiends! I am here to be a nuisance to you and your base." Percy announced loudly as she stepped into the YJ base, swinging her bag as she did. Artemis, who was sitting and reading with her legs crossed tightly, rolled her eyes and scoffed at Maritime's actions. The two heroines had decided from the begging that they did not like each other, and the archer knew that the 'fiends' was aimed at her, and she had no doubt in her mind that Percy would be a absolutely insufferable, and to think they had to spend a week together with the specific instructions that Percy was to under no circumstances leave.

The ravenette made her way to the kitchen, not searching for anything in particular, well- a person isn't a thing- and dropped her duffle bag onto one of the chairs that sat in the room. She wandered around, opening and closing cabinets for no reason, knowing the person she'd come to look for was bound to come into the kitchen sooner rather than later. As she was doing her third round inspecting every single thing within the confines of those four walls, she decided to make cookies, having seen enough ingredients and heaps of blue food dye (there were other colors too, but those weren't important. She began mixing up a batch of her mother's world famous blue cookies, of course Percy's version would never match up with the divinity of Sally's, but they came pretty close. Persephone was trying to think of how her mom would have laughed at the way she stained her hands blue rather than the fact that she would never again be able to hear Sally's laughter.

Percy put the cookies in the oven and began cleaning her workspace, though it was already fairly clean because like any good baker she went cleaning up the station along the way and not leaving ingredients that need to be refrigerated outside while the baked goods bake, she also did not leave eggshells laying around like a sane person. She was just about done with the whole process when a girl with short red hair and green skin walked in. The newcomer, Miss Martian, looked quizzically at the dark haired girl who was whipping her hands against the apron she wore when a small ding came from the apple shaped timer on the dark granite counter. Percy took the cookies out the oven and rested the tray on a ceramic hot pad.

"Cookie?" She offered while she took one of the blue cookies that were much too hot, she took a bite of the steaming cookie, immediately regretting it but dealing with it like a woman. "Careful- they're hot."

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