04: Last Minute Stabbings and Essay Writings

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Nighttime patrols seemed like a promising idea until the moment she had two essays and a test due in twelve hours. Percy, it seemed, had forgotten the gut-wrenching stress that came alongside school, not to mention keeping up three very separate social images, Maritime, Bruce Wayne's ward, and the author of a bestselling series. This may not seem like an issue until you remember Percy's child-like nature and her painstakingly loyal personality, that while not naive could be the end of her. She'd always prodded fun at Tim's less-than-awake behavior, but now Percy's the one sluggishly grasping at mugs of coffee while still partially dressed in costume.

Crouched on a fire-escape, a flask of coffee gone cold in her hands, Percy looked over the New York City landscape, squinting in attempts to see through the static that fogged over her eyes in this tired state. The sun set hours ago, and she was longing for her bed's warm embrace (and maybe Wally's too). She looked around and took a drink from the coffee flask, draining its contents in one last bitter gulp. Pocketing the vessel and taking out her grappling hook, she swung around the city that never sleeps, humming the Spider-Man theme song to herself.

Percy made it a block and a half before she heard a series of thuds from a gas station. Lowering herself into the shabby building, she noticed a masked man with a knife and a couple of people crouched on the floor. The man made jabbing motions in the air, silently threatening anyone who dare move. Percy began approaching him silently, Riptide would render her useless if he got too close, so the best way to get him down was to sneak up on him and take the knife—easy enough, right? Wrong,—the plan would have worked had a middle-aged woman not cried in relief while looking directly at the heroine.

The man turned swiftly, knife extended, and Percy retreated a couple of steps. She lunged at the man's feet, trying to knock him off his balance, he reacted quickly at this and kicked her torso. A grunt of pain left Percy's lips, but she jumped to an upright position grabbing at the man's hand, twisting it to loosen his clutch at the knife. His grip was strong, and she decided to knee him in the gut. In hindsight, she should have though her plan through more thoroughly since she now had a knife in her thigh. A pained hiss left her mouth, but hey, at least the guy didn't have the knife anymore, she did.

Adrenaline still high in her system, she extended the stabbed leg to hit the man over the head. He fell forward and Maritime straddled his back, fastening his hands together behind his back. She turned to see the gas station fuller than it was before, people holding their cellphones horizontally, obviously filming. "Which one of you called 911?" a hand went up and she pointed at the person, nodding gratefully, "I'm going to stay here until the cops het here and lecture all of you who decided to come into a store during an armed robbery attempt. And why? To film a fight," She gave them a disapproving look and some of the bystanders had the audacity to look bashful. The cry of sirens drowned out the tired sigh she made. Once the police officers came in, she handed the man to them, and walked to the refrigerated back of the store, grabbing a can of energy drinks and one of coffee along with a bottle of water. She slapped a ten-dollar bill on the counter and left the establishment.

The three bottles were clutched in her left hand as she used her right hand to grapple herself onto a nearby roof, sitting with her legs crossed on the floor, she opened the can of shitty nitro-brew and practically inhaled the liquid. She took the dagger out of her thigh with a wince and one fluid movement, the blade clattering to the floor as she uncapped the water bottle and poured it gently over the exposed flesh. Percy watched as the flesh seemed to stitch itself back together, but whether it de due to unhealthy eating patterns or lack of sleep (the list goes on), the wound didn't heal fully, and she was left with a patch of raw pink-ish skin that stung and stuck out against the navy fabric of her costume. The cloth had been reinforced which was all that kept the blade from puncturing the femoral artery.

She hated days like these when she had to call it a night early. Percy could ask her boyfriend to cover for her, but he was running of 27 and a half minutes of sleep and the dread of not finishing his research paper in time. She made her may back to her apartment begrudgingly, entering through an open window that Wally was working next to. A quick peck to the check over the redhead's shoulder as she glanced at the blinking letters that appeared all too quickly on the boy's screen. She moved further into the house, tugging off the dark pants of her costume, replacing it with a pair of baggy sweatpants.

Percy shuffled over to the couch behind Wally's desk, sitting on it and resting her computer on her lap. She opened the computer and started doing her work, fingers gliding over the keyboard but not typing anything, eyes focusing to look at the reflection on her screen instead of the little scribbles that told her of the assignment description, she draped a blanket over herself and looked up at her boyfriend.

"Hey, Walls?" Wally hummed in acknowledgement. "My teachers said I have to do this assignment no matter what unless I'm dead or nearing death."

"Do I want to know where this is going?" He asked absentmindedly, fingers hesitating on the next key.

"Yes, you do. So, let's say, that I—theoretically—got stabbed, right? Would that count as an excuse to not turn it in on time."

"Well, in theory, if you did get stabbed you'd probably be bleeding out somewhere, and seeing that you're not, your teachers won't care," he replied easily.

"How do you know I'm dot bleeding out? You haven't seen me." Percy dropped her head on the sofa's armrest, looking over at Wally's upside-down form, she pouted dramatically and didn't notice when the bubbles screensaver appeared on her laptop.

"You're not bleeding out," he mumbled something to himself under his breath and aggressively clicked the enter button with a deep exhale. "I finished the paper. Now," he turned in his swivel chair to see his girlfriend swaddled in blankets, looking at him upside down, "you're not bleeding out, see?"

"I know I'm not bleeding out, but you don't know that." She grumbled rolling her eyes.

"Did you get stabbed?"


"Did you heal it?"

"Sort of..."

"Are you going to die in the next-" he looked at his wristwatch, "nine hours?"


"Then you already know what to do." He leaned down and gently kissed her forehead, running a hand through her hair with a fond look in his eyes. "I'm going to bed now, and you need to finish that."

"Fine. Goodnight." Percy said, turning her focus back to the device and typing something about some war she didn't care to remember. She sighed one last time and took out the bright green can from the pocket it had been shoved in, popping it open and taking a sip she returned her gaze to the blue screen and began typing. Thank the gods for autocorrect.

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