Chapter twenty three

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Her neatly tied up hair was being tossed by the wind on that picturesque evening. She stood, hands on her waist, overlooking the Central City skyline while looking for signs of trouble. That night, Maritime was feeling particularly worn out which of course is never good when you are trying to save the world, still she went out to the city that had grown to practically shout her name having decided that that was better than wallowing in self pity.

A loud thud came from a couple of buildings away, and Percy was almost sure that she could see building almost shake. She raced to the building, leaping between the rooftops of the ones surrounding her. She made it to the roof of the shaken building and climbed down the fire escape only to make her way to the basement where she identified the thuds coming from. The door slammed open, which was not ideal, and the majority of the room's attention turned to her. Her eyes were met with a dozen thugs fighting an absurdly buff teen who wore a black and red Superman tee and a seemingly woozy Red Robin, another dozen knocked out thugs sat limp against the walls of the grimy room, and a trail of fresh blood followed Tim.

"Motherfucker." Maritime said a little louder than intended, leading the two other heroes to assume she was with the bad guys. The boys seemed to communicate with a look and Superman Jr, who Percy would later come to find was Superboy, came charging towards her. Maritime sidestepped and come to the conclusion that he probably wasn't the brightest. "Look, man, I'm not with the buffoons! I came to help you!" She shouted before either hero could try and take her down again. "Ti- Red Robin, please dude, you can't go out when you are so clearly tired. When was the last time you slept?" She asked while rushing over to his side and taking out the tug who was pummeling her younger brother.

Maritime drew her sword, that now continued mortal metals, and began to swing. After her short assessment of the situation, she'd decided that having a weapon would be for the best, having Tim practically down and having Superboy clearly uneasy with her presence. She blocked the bat that had been swung at her and jabbed at the attackers leg, immobilizing him enough for Percy to hit Riptide's heel against the man's head and knock him out. She continued to immobilize the thugs as she used her sword's length to keep the attackers away from her cousin who was swaying and clearly unstable. A series of thuds followed, Superboy having taken out quite a few in a manner similar to bowling. By the time the three had managed to take out the team against them, Superboy rushed to Red Robins side as the boy collapsed.

Superboy caught the unconscious Tim and mumbled something along the lines of "You have to take better care of yourself, Tim." He then shifted his glance to look at Maritime. "Who are you and what do you want?" he growled, his arms shifting to hold the boy in a more protective way.

"Maritime's the name, crime fighting's the game." The replied while finger gunning after having put away pen form Riptide. "What was happening here?"

"Red Robin and I came to retrieve some files and got cornered. We couldn't leave without taking out these men." He explained, his unmasked face in a glare and his voice guarded.

"What did he do to collapse again?" She asked, kneeling to place her hand over Tim's forehead.

"None of your business. What were you doing out here?"

"I was patrolling. I heard the building rumble. I came to check it out." She explained with an unimpressed look. As she was speaking, a yellow blur appeared in the corner.

"I'm here! I'm here! Sorry I'm late, had to finish something across town." The speedster explained out of breath. "Oh, Maritime. Did they call you too?" A blush was beginning to spread across his face at the sight of his crush.

"No they did not." "I didn't." Percy and Superboy spoke in unison, both sounding mildly annoyed.

"Well if that's all I gotta get going." Percy walked out of the building and eventually made it to her home. As she was arriving, the batboys were still on patrol save for Tim who was being sped back to the manor. Percy changed into civies (which due to the late time were just an oversized band shirt with pajama shorts underneath.)

As she got to the kitchen to make herself a late night snack, a stressed Wally made his way up from the Batcave, headed for the kitchen. "Hey Percy."

"Sup Wally. How's Tim?" She questioned.

Wally shot her a confused look but answered anyways. "He passed out from exhaustion again."

"Dam. I told him that he needs to sleep. Will that boy ever listen to me?" She let out, exasperated and worried for the younger's wellbeing. "I know I'd do the same, so I really can't judge. You know how us vigilantes are." She said casually and upon realizing her mistake she slapped a hand over her mouth and her eyes widened comically.

"Us vigilantes?"

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