Chapter three

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The day carried on fairly normally. The four brothers begrudgingly gave Percy a tour of the large home,  during which they never missed a single opportunity to pester each other. Percy learned the basic layout of the home, as well as little details about the boys, like their ages, Dick was eighteen going on nineteen, Jason had just turned seventeen and was in the same grade as Percy, Tim was sixteen but by far the smartest, and Damian made a big point out of the fact that he was almost fourteen. Percy was mesmerized by how the quartet interacted, they reminded her of the Stolls in some ways, the four were in a constant quarrel yet made it clear that they cared for the others.

"And finally, we have the pool, but I think you already knew that..." Richard trailed off, Percy let out a small chuckle at this, news gets around fast with the four boys.

"You shouldn't have been wandering on other people's property," Damian mumbled, not thinking that anyone would hear him.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Did the tour make you miss a nap? I hope not 'cause I can't deal with your highness' grouchy-ness." Percy replied with an eye roll. She had held up the sky when she was Damian's age, as far as she was concerned he was a fetus.

Percy's sass got the youngest riled up, which led to the impromptu stabbing of Percy. "That's not fair! Don't you know better than to literally stab someone in the back?!" She was putting pressure on the wound when the little demon came back for another attack, which she blocked with her stolen knife.

They were going back and forth, exchanging blows and blocks, until Percy swept Damian off his little baby feet, grabbed his knife, and used it to pin him onto the floor with a knife holding him by each of his sleeves to the floor. "Get off me!" He yelled, upset that a newcomer beat him at what he considered his own game. The other brothers were shocked that a teenage girl going through grief won against a trained assassin at a surprise sparring session with a stab wound.

"Well, that's going to leave a mark on the wood. Whoopsie, sorry." Percy said comedically. "Now, if you don't mind, I'm gonna go swim laps." She flexed her arm and gently poked at her bicep while she said "Gotta keep these bad boys strong."

While Percy left for the pool, the remaining siblings helped the youngest up and away from the knives. The four had what seemed like a silent conversation until Damian spoke up. "I was going easy on her." He huffed out in hopes of redeeming himself.

"Were you 'going easy on her' before or after you stabbed her?" Tim asked sarcastically, he then seemed to remember (or he saw the bloodstains on the dark wood) "Wait you stabbed her! And she's going out for a swim!?"

"What the f↺ck is up with this girl?" Jason said, mostly to himself. He made it his new goal to find out as much as he could about her, even though they had only known her for a little over 24 hours, all four could tell that there was something fishy going on.

Tim rushed into the pool area to find Percy swimming laps in a sports bra and her stab wound miraculously healed and revealing a plethora of scars that nobody her age, even a bat, should have.

"Um... Percy?" He called out weakly, now noticing that his older brothers had joined him (Damian was probably grumbling about having his behind served to him). Percy somehow heard Tim and when she reached the end of that lap she paused and turned to face him while above the water.


"Your stab wound?"

"Oh-" it seemed to click in her head that mortals cannot heal themselves immediately when in water. "I- um- I treated it?" Percy said, but it sounded more like a question.

"Chlorine can't be good for an open wound," Dick added helpfully.

"I'm fine, guys, don't worry. The toddler's ego might be pretty bruised, so you might want to check that out." She was about to go back under the water when she decided to add another comment. "Oh! If you are going to go talk to Damian, then can you tell him that I'd love to spar with him again? He's pretty good and I could use the practice."

"Hold on, before you start to swim again, where did you learn to fight?" Dick asked, he was curious and willing to ask the unspoken question lingering in the air.

"I could ask you the same question, Nightwing." She told him with a stupid grin on her face.

"How'd you know?" Jason asked, now adopting a darker demeanor.

"I didn't until just now." She lifted her eyebrows in a playful way. "Plus, little details could save your life," Percy told her new cousins before diving back into the water. The boys figured that they had no chance at talking with her now that she had gone back under the water.

"That was-" Dick started once they were out of the pool area.

"Yeah..." Finished Timothy, all three found it very odd.

Meanwhile, under the chlorine-filled water, Percy was laughing hysterically. Ever since she noticed that Batman got a sidekick shortly after Bruce Wayne adopted a child, she got suspicious. The constant glances and inside jokes the brothers shared whenever they mentioned something bird or bat-related raised her suspicions, the fight had all but confirmed their identities, but the question sealed the deal. No need to say that Percy was very proud of herself, and was almost sure that both Annabeth and her mom would be too.

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