Chapter twenty

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"And Pop! Goes the weasel!" Cried the Joker through the low quality speakers in Poison Ivy's base. The camera broadcasting the event started shaking and the camera man began to cough, the video cut and an announcer popped onto the screen.

"That scene was of yet another one of the Jokers kidnappings during Wayne events, this time the victim being the charismatic young girl who Mister Bruce Wayne has taken in as his newest ward." The anchor read to the camera, the image was shortly after interrupted by an egg sandwich being thrown at the screen which the two villains were watching the news on.

"Look at him! Acting all high and mighty, I told him that Gotham would be mine and he better not have forgotten!" Harley Quinn cried to her girlfriend. "I can't stand the sight of him."

"Well then what will you do about it?" Asked Ivy, having gotten used to the two toned girl's antics. Harley stayed quiet for a couple of minutes until she practically jumped off of the plant consumed couch.

"Oh! Oh! What if we kidnap her!" She squealed.

"Kidnap who, Harls?" The plant villain asked calmly.

"Th- the girl!" The younger exclaimed, stuttering slightly in her joy. "The Wayne girl. Come on Ive! It's a two in one! You get your revenge on Brucy-boy for having fired you and I get revenge on Mista' Jay!"

"Alright then." Pamela uncrossed her arms and waved one hand in a 'lets go' motion. The two girls proceed to sneak their way into the Joker's base and take the girl who was asleep and tied up on a dirtier section of the clown's hideout. As they were arriving back to their base, They noticed the girl stirring awake, and when she did fully wake up, she seemed minimally phased to be in the grasp of two other supervillains.

"Okay, I get that I'm being kidnapped and all, but I had to go shopping today and im pretty burnt out so could I finished my nap in peace please?" The new Wayne said, mildly annoyed. The two older women shared a look of slight confusion. "Looks like that's a no. Okay. So I'm Percy and I'm not too familiar with you two. I think you're the plant lady," She pointed as best she could through the bonds at Ivy. "and that you're the psychologist that went nutzo for some bozo."

"I'm a psychiatrist, actually." Harley huffed.

"So I was right. Okay cool." Percy let out and stayed pretty calm the rest of the way to the hideout. "So, um, you guys seem chill."

"Are you going anywhere with this?" Pamela glared.

"Yes, yes I am. So lady to lady, as you can see I'm in a dress," She sort of pointed to her navy blue dress. "And as I'm sure you know judging by your pantsuit situation, dresses are uncomfortable. I hate to ask considering that you guys are my captors, but do you have anything that I could change into?"

Harley leaned in toward Poison Ivy and whispered "I like this one." Ivy gave her a look in reply and let Harley have her way. "Yes I do!" She exclaimed at Percy. "Let me just undo that and I'll show you."

"Thanks." Harley untied Percy and led her toward a dresser from which she took out a couple of items then did a once over of percy and shoved the clothing back in. The process was repeated a couple more times until the two toned haired woman handed percy a couple of thing and pointed her toward a door. Percy came back wearing a matching red blazer and pants with a white shirt that was a similar style to Harley's. She sat down on the arm of the couch and looked at the villain lovers. So, ladies, may I just say that you two have much better taste in decorations that that Jokester guy."

"Thank you! You have no idea how many people tell me that I've overdone it with the plants!" The green skinned woman exclaimed.

"I also want to thank you for getting me away from the clown, I mean, I know how to fight but these thugs are expendable and there's a myriad of them."

"Well actually we kind of kidnapped you." Harley told the teen before her.

"Even better! I don't have to go back to the gala." She smiled at the villains who smiled back. "So what's your deal? You two have been sharing the kind of looks that make it seem as tho you're reading each other's minds. It's familiar."


"Oh!" Percy exclaimed having answered her own question. "Now I get why the look is so familiar."

"What do you mean?" Ivy asked, mildly confused.

"Well, you two are partners in crime and possibly more than crime." She wiggled her eyebrows at the older ladies. "Good luck with that. I know how awful it is to lose that kind of loved one on the battlefield."

"I'm sorry for your loss." Poison Ivy commented giving a sympathetic smile.

Harley Quinn walked to the couch and sat, dragging Percy off the armrest and onto a cushion next to Harley, she wrapped an arm around the youngest of the three and spoke while crossing her legs. "That's it. You're mine now."

"Look, as cool as you guys are, I'll have to leave eventually. Wouldn't want Bats to go all batshit crazy and find you cool she shed." Percy commented wrapping her arm around Harley.

The older pouted and looked to Percy. "Fine, I'll let you leave but only if you come to Momma Harls and Momma Ivy's place every Tuesday and you tell everyone that we are a force to be reckoned with and the real people that Gotham should fear." She told her with a satisfied smile.

"Momma Ivy?" Pamela asked her girlfriend with a laugh.

"If she's with the Waynes then she needs some female influence in her life. Who better than you and I?"

"If you say so..." Ivy sighed and shook her head while chuckling.

"Can I stay a little longer? Bruce was kind of being a dick." She laughed at the joke. "And I want to give him his daily heart attack."

"Stay as long as you'd like." The redhead said, thinking that this new girl could be a good influence on hoth her and Harley.

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P.s. so yeah. Maybe this chapter was a little underwhelming, I too am underwhelmed. That happened and I also discovered that Todoroki and Deku is actually just Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. I mean we have the bubbly one who's really smart and has a history of infatuation with an abuser, and then there's the edgy sad one who doesn't really like humans and had an abusive dad. So yeah, I'd like to formally apologize for the shit you just read and I'll be out of your hair now. Bye, Love you!

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