Chapter thirteen

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"It's been four days, Bruce. Shouldn't we do something?" Jason asked his adoptive father in concerns to his cousin's disappearance.

"I am aware, Jason. I will personally go look for Percy, but at the moment there is a huge power surge in mexico that I'll have to tell the league about." Bruce stated, tugging on his cowl and becoming Batman. Jason let out a sigh and decided to search for Percy as Red Hood, she already knew so it shouldn't be an issue.

The second Robin began to look through all recent footage that could track Percy's face. In the end he came to the conclusion that in the span of four days, Percy had gone to long island, disappeared for a couple of hours and when she reappeared she made her way onto a bus, later switching to another bus that broke down and when she got out  was caught in the rubble of a large truck turning over on her. She walked to a rest stop and hitched a ride. Long story short, Percy had made her way to Mexico without having once touched a phone or a plane. Having found a location where he'd have to go, he "borrowed" a less used plane from the Bat (Bruce had already taken the Batwing for his mission).

Shortly after taking off, he found himself in the last known location of Percy which happened to be one of the nicer hotels in the area. When he entered the hotel, a chorus of shrieks erupted, okay fine, mabe the guns were a little extra. When he asked about Percy's room, a janitor told him that Percy had quite literally run off. As any big brother should (he is older by two days, and he will fight you if you tell him that it doesn't count as a big brother to Percy) he left the hotel and started to ask around to see if anyone had seen his 'little sister'.

"Hey!" He shouted in the middle of a crowded plaza. "Anyone seen a girl around here? Five two, black hair, green eyes?" He continued to shout. Most people looked at him in fear of confusion. Right, spanish. "¿Alguien a visto a una muchacha como de esta altura, con pelo negro y ojos verdes?"

"Si, compadre, la acabo de dejar en el desierto. Estaba apresurada." Some taxi driver replied. During times like these Jason thanked Bruce for having made him learn so many languages. 

"Perfecto. Me tienes que llevar." Red Hood demanded while he entered the cab.

"Te va a costar." The man said, stretching lightly with a newly found attitude.

"Entonces te pagare. Apurate." Jason's voice grew the kind of cold he only used for business, and he was glaring even though the glare was useless through his hood.

"Pendejo..." The cab driver muttered under his breath as he started to drive off. After a while the two had made it to the desert and the cab driver was now giving the anti-hero a nasty look. Jason in return handed over a wad of money and jumped out of the vehicle.

"Percy!" he shouted as he saw her, he then noticed the people that surrounded her so he lowered his voice and instead said calmly "Persephone Jackson."

"'Sup, Hood." Percy greeted casually, as if she hadn't run off and disappeared for four days.

"I need you to come with me." Red hood said in a mildly threatening voice.

"I will in a second, I need to make sure Grey is okay." She turned back towards the people that surrounded her and said something that Red Hood couldn't hear. Percy mumbled a bye and gave a bow before she turned and walked over to Jason and told him "I have to make a stop in New York by the way."

"We have to talk first." Red hood saud, taking Percy by the forearm and dragging her away. Eventually, they made it near the hotel where Jason left the plane (it was a miracle it hadn't been stolen or tampered with yet.) As they were about to nener the plane, Percy froze.

"I don't do planes." She told him, trying to sound relaxed and chill but Jason saw the panic in her eyes.

"The mighty and fearless Percy Jackson is scared of planes?" The older said with a hint of sarcasm in his voice to lighten the mood.

"I'm not scared of planes." She stated loudly then mumbled something under her breath. "Just of getting smited and blown out of the sky."

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