Chapter thirty one

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The creaks and whales of the plumbing were drowned out as Jason's heavy boots echoed throughout the room. The grubby warehouse reeked of tobacco and cheap liquor as Gotham's drug lords gathered to discuss whatever nonsense they'd come up with. The young man stepped into the rusty balcony overlooking the warehouse floor in which anyone who was anybody in the drug world sat, a cigar in their mouths cards on one hand and a glass of bourbon in the other, nearly every man who lay cheating the others out of their money cringed as a trigger happy teeneger walked in.

"Talk to me, baby!" The Red Hood said jokingly, waving his gun around as he did.

"Hood..." The thugs mumbled unenthusiastically. These power hungry men having been shot down by a pubescent zombie boy, not than any of them knew, but the point still stands, none of them were happy having had part of their clientele knocked out as fair game.

"McGraw, how's it goin'." Jason draped an arm around Angelo McGraw, lifting his hood and taking a sip from the older man's drink, earning a sneer for the rounded man. Out of any of the dealers, McGraw resented Todd the most. Angelo's terrain cover a couple of different schools, and with the thugs he'd hired, money was pouring down on him thanks to guilliable teenage minds, and thanks to Red Hood, the downpour of cash soon turned into barely a trickle.

"Better than ever, Red." A scowl graced the too red face of Angelo. "Here, let me pour you a drink." He feigned a happy look and stood up, uncapping the almost empty bottle and grabbing a glass and dumping in an ounce of his very own creation, made specifically for his mortal enemy, mixing it in with the drink.

"Thanks so much Angelo, you always know what hits the spot." He drank while walking around the table, occasionally giving a tip to a dealer or two, acting very casually as he gulped down the amber liquid. This was a pretty normal interaction for the man, the gun never left his hand as he went over the sale stats and keeping an eye on how his 'business' was going. He left under the moonlight and three glasses (all prepped by McGraw) drunker.

Stumbling into his room after finishing patrol he could have sworn he heard someone talking, but keeping in mind the time, the house inhabitants would all be either asleep or out lurking in the shadows, ruling them out, he figured he must have been imagining things. He fell over on his bed, upset, he hand a much higher alcohol tolerance yet he seemed different that day. In the end, he gave no thought to his weakened state and he let himself be submerged in a state of sleep.

Four hours later Jason was rambling to himself about some unknown topic, going into really heated discussions over nothing with nobody. He found himself yelling at the same voice that had been whispering to him the night before, a persuasive voice that soon gained a little too much control over the undead boy for his liking.

Empty glasses and knife throwing seemed to be all that Jason was doing on that school free day. The voice would not answer any of Jason's questions and the young man was left to ponder what caused the new thing inhabiting his brain while it spewed fake facts and jumbled his judgement.

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