Chapter thirty six

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"What do you need, West." Bruce's gruff voice rang out as he answered the phone.

"Hey, Mister Batman Wayne, sir. I just called to let you know that Percy is with me." Wally West told the world's greatest detective nervously. How do you explain to your crush's father figure that his ward spent the night at your place after being MIA professionally for a week?

"I trust you, kid, but if you try anything with her while she's like she is, I will not hesitate to break Batman's rules." He deadpanned and hung up right after. Wally gulped and put down his phone, turning his attention to the girl who lay softly breathing while snuggled up into his side.

A while passed before Percy began to stir. She sat up gingerly and quietly, studying her surroundings before deciding to stretch by pulling her arms out in front of her as she let out a soft yawn. It was all very cat like- you know, if cats were in constant danger and had trust issues (not that cats don't have trust issues, but add daddy issues to that). She continued to sit up, now wringing her sweater in her hands as she gnawed on her bottom lip and let her eyes trace over the science posters that Wally still had hung up in his room.

"G'morning. How'd you sleep?" Wally asked with a chuckle at her mannerisms. Rather than replying in words, Percy gave a sleepy half smile and a thumbs up, still not meeting his eyes and periodically moving with jerky movements to analyze a different part of the boy's room. "Aunt Iris is at work and Barry left in the early morning. I have to finish this paper  by noon, so once I do that, I'll be right with you." He told her with a soft smile, turning back on his rolling chair to his desk where he continued typing away on his laptop.

By the time midday rolled around, Persephone was standing over by the bookshelf, sweatpants drooping on one side to reveal an exposed part of her hip, eyes lingering over a picture of the Justice League with their sidekicks from many years before. Wally spun over just in time to find Percy grazing her fingers over Aquaman and Aqualad on the picture.

"They look familiar..." She stated, more to herself than to Wally, her voice was raspy on it's first use of the day. The speedster momentarily scrunched his eyebrows, not sure why Percy of all people would recognize the two.

"Oh- um... That's Aquaman and his ex sidekick Aqualad. Do you know them, maybe?" He suggested, only to be met with a shrug and the ravenette taking her hands off the framed picture, turning to look at the redhead for a second before speaking.

"That's a nice color on you, by the way." A sweet smile on her face and her head leaning slightly to one side. "And I don't usually like yellow." The smile would have been convincing if it hadn't been for the shallowness in her usually rich eyes.

"How are you feeling?" He asked sympathetically, normally his mind would have been going a mile a minute at the complement, but he was more concerned about the welfare of the demigod that stood silently before him. Her shoulders were slumped and here hair sat worse than usual as a result of running her hands through it constantly. The pride and confidence that she usually radiated was dulled and replaced by a foreign defensiveness.

She just shrugged in reply with another measly attempt at a smile. The pair spent another short while sulking (Percy was sulking, Wally was trying to come up with something to say) in the silence until the redhead broke the silence by opening his arms and offering the younger a hug. She nodded, her bottom lip involuntarily pouting and her eyes beginning to flood with tears that would not be shed. The two sat again in another hug, Wally still in his bright red rolling chair that eventually the speedster stood up from as the hug continued.

"Are you hungry?" Wally asked, he had eaten breakfast long before Percy had woken up, but he knew Percy was yet to eat so he asked. He was met with a shake of the head. He continued asking yes or no questions as to what the girl wanted to do and finally after the hug ended, Percy decided she wanted to go back to the Manor.

"Can I go back to the manor now?" She asked, wiping her cheeks despite the fact that she had not cried.

"Of course. Do you want me to take you?" He was already grabbing his things.

"Yes please." Percy nodded weakly. It was strange seeing her like that, her magnetic charm faded and all her strength drained. The powerful warrior had who had won both battles had seemingly lost the war, every win came with losses, and those losses are what stay with you. The deaths of those she had gotten killed due to her recklessness always hung around her, almost whispering in her ears, telling her how much of a failure, a dissapointment, she was. So many had given their lives for her when she should have been the one to die. At least that's what Percy was convinced of.

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