Chapter thirty three

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A few weeks had passed since Jason had been tainted, and every minute that passed was more noticeable. At this point, whatever Jason spoke was spat and fueled by anger and fury, and Percy was locking herself up. She rarely interacted with anyone save for the occasional 'thank you' and her dazzling eyes had noticeably dulled.

Early on a Sunday morning, Persephone lay on her bed, mindlessly stroking Bianca's fur. She'd been given a long time to think, and in almost four weeks, she wasn't able to come up with a reason for her 'big brother's' sudden standoffishness. His out of the blue hatred for her had taken a toll on the young ravenette, the first person she'd opened up to since the war was now treating here like roadkill. By now her wound was healed and with minimal damage but she had lost slight mobility from her left arm. She was back as Maritime, but not talking with wally quite as much anymore, her mind was filling any and all gaps of silence, words raced through her head demanding the demigod's attencion. Percy had clung to an old blue oversized hoodie as her now dubbed 'emotional support sweater' and she was rarely seen without it, on the seldom occasion she was seen.

Getting ready to go out as Maritime, Percy slipped on her newly remodeled costume that was now reenforced and had sleeves. She made her way out of the manor and to Central City where she did her usual morning weekend patrol. A boring day it seemed, everything was calm, too calm maybe. Were the criminals at church confessing their sins? She continued, getting kittens out of trees and consoling crying kids until around noon when she decided to call it a day.

After having changed into the civies she'd brought with her, she walked into a café, deciding against food and grabbing a water bottle, she ran into a certain redheaded speedster. Percy pulled up her hood and tried to avoid any sort of contact with Wally while she payed and scurried out of the store, but the fates -as usual- were not on her side.

"Oh, sorry, let me help you up, beautiful." A chipper voice rang, trying to help Percy up before realizing who it was. "Hey Percy! Long time no see, what're you doing around Central at this time?"

"Hey Walls. I was just checking out the area, nothing big. I have to go. Bye." She said, her voice weak, while trying to walk out of the shop. She was stopped by Wally grabbing her wrist in an attempt to stop her from leaving so soon.

"Are you okay? You've been really off this month, really quiet. Does this have anything to do with Jason? Dick mentioned that he was acting like a Richard, not the cool acrobat type either." He said, looking Percy in the eyes, noticing how her expression faltered when Todd was mentioned.

"I'm fine. Thanks Wally. I have to go now." She tore her hand from the older's grip and power walked out of the café. She made her way back to the mansion where she spent the rest of the afternoon until the silence became too much and she decided to explore Gotham as the ever growing in popularity vigilante that Kid Flash had come to love. 

The smell of rust in the warehouse and the feeling of being watched should have been Percy's first indicators, but she had been off the whole day, so she brushed it off. She walked further into the dilapidated building, the sounds of rushing water from the small river right outside fading as her footsteps and breathing became louder and louder, until it didn't.

"You should have at least knocked if you were going to barge into my space, it's rude not to. But you wouldn't know that, would you? Mommy died before she could teach you. You killed her, Percy, you know that, right? You killed her like you've killed everyone else in your life." A horribly familiar, yet strange, voice boomed when percy stepped into a more secluded room. "I wouldn't put it past you to try and kill us too, 'your little birdies'. I'm here to stop you before you get the chance to even think of loading the gun, 'cause mine's already cocked."

"Jason..." The word barely escaped her lips, she turned to see him in his usual Red Hood gettup, but unmasked.

"Except I think a gun is a little too cliche for me, you think Red Hood and a gun pops into your head, but you think Maritime and a sword comes to mind, so that's what I'll use. The weapon that brought to to 'fame' will be the same one that takes you to hell where you belong." He pulled out a short blade and began cleaning under his nails with the tip.

"I've been to hell, Jaybird, I wouldn't wish that on anyone." She murmured, reluctant to draw Riptide.

"Aren't you going to put up a fight, Persephone? Just let yourself be dragged to the depths of death's grip like your namesake?" He chuckled dryly. "I'll have you know that I'm also named after a greek figure, he was the leader of the Argonauts."

"Jason, please. What have I done to you? What did I do wrong? Please let me fix it." Percy nearly begged, her voice betrayed her.

"Nothing yet, but I know what you're capable of." He said after a moment, he seemed to be having a battle with himself. "Enough stalling. It's your turn to die, Percy. Say hi to Luke for me." He sand out the name he had been entrusted with. Percy stood frozen.

Jason's grip on the dagger changed and he ran towards the small girl, intended to kill. THe metal was aimed flawlessly, she'd be dead before you could yell 'Zeus', but he stopped. Dead in his tracks, Jason Todd stopped and the dagger clattered on the polished concrete floor as the man himself fell to the ground, a shriek of pain sounding along with the metal.

"Please! Stop!" Whimpered the six foot man writhing on the floor, his voice sounded like him now. What changed?

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