03- Onward

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"Night-time vigilante, Maritime, is back with a new look and a new patrol route. Sightings of the young heroine have been reported around the New York area, a big difference from her Central City beginnings. She seems to have taken a more grown look, darker colors and short hair make for her revamped look to command respect, more after commercial," the news anchor spoke at the camera, voice detached and rehearsed.

"I'd say that was a successful first outing," Percy stated triumphantly, looking down at her boyfriend from the couch they were lounging on. Her hands were threaded through his short red hair as he laid on her lap. He smiled up at her and nodded, providing words of comfort and support.

At this point they were practically moved in, of course, they still had a couple of empty boxes rolling around and their fridge was painfully empty, but those were easy fixes. Their cupboards were now stocked with take-out menus from local places and spiders making themselves at home. The happy couple continued to cuddle on the couch, Wally telling Percy some story about what happened at his workplace or at his classes.

"Hey, Wally?" her soft voice filled the air during a momentary lull. Wally hummed in acknowledgement, urging her to continue. "I was thinking, what if I went back to school? I mean like what if I took a couple classes so I can do something with marine biology? The money from my PJO series won't last forever, and I was just thinking..."

"I think if this is something you want to do, then I'll support you every step of the way," he said earnestly but with a fond smile on his face. He reached his hand up to gently touch her face, noticing the lost in thought expression she wore.

"Really?" Percy's soft and doubtful tone spoke volumes on how serious she was on the topic. "Do you really think I could do it? 'Cause I never was a 'smart kid' at school, and my grades weren't the best and neither was my focus. Do you really think they'd let me?"

Wally sat up, turning to face the ravenette before him, he took her hands in his and tilted her chin up lightly, making eye contact. "You are so much more than you think you are, and if some college-board bastards don't see that, then it's their loss. You deserve the world and more, so much more than anything I, or any mortal, or non-mortal could ever give to you. You've been through so much and you're so strong, and yet you're always looking out for everyone else. If you want to study marine biology, then by all means! If it makes you happy – if this is what you want – then I couldn't be happier." Wally punctuated his speech with a soft kiss on Percy's knuckle, holding his lover tenderly.

The thankfulness in the air didn't have to be verbalized, for the both of them understood, both knew how much the other meant to them. A soft 'okay' left Percy's lips, hidden behind a smile, she hugged the redhead tightly and the two moved on to a new topic of conversation after lingering in the blissful silence for a while longer.

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p.s. Lol this is a oneshot book so I don't have to make each chapter ~1000 words. Speaking of this being a oneshot book, I will be publishing the rest of these chapters under a new title: "Dive Back In" (because im shit at titling things). I have no clue how I got here, this chapter took me by surprise, I mean it was going to be a 'patrol' chapter but instead it's Percy/Wally fluff???? Idk, but I hope you guys are enjoying the story so far. Also please look at this cake I made.

Much love, Victoria

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Much love, Victoria.

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