The Storm Thief by Dollar1809
The Storm Thiefby Muskan (Dollar)
Annabeth is the greatest thief the world's never seen; she is only recognized by her storm calling card. Percy is FBI, and has been able to catch every criminal he's com...
  • rickriodan
  • pjohoo
  • mystery
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Son of Hestia (Percy Jackson fanfic) (fanfiction.net) (Completed) by cooljazzftw
Son of Hestia (Percy Jackson fanfi...by Cooljazzftw
Percy breaks up with Annabeth and run away from camp after the Giant War. As he run away from his pain and his life. He finds a new and unexpected ally. Together, they w...
  • pertemis
  • sonofhestia
  • complete
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Commander Alpha by koroy003
Commander Alphaby Krispy
Commander Alpha of Chaos's Army (PJO/HOO Fanfic) Percy Jackson. Savior of Olympus. Hero of the century. For a while, he's the most respected demigod out there. But i...
  • wattpride
  • percabeth
  • humor
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Finding my Niche by AAThanatos
Finding my Nicheby AAThanatos
So this is going to be a Fanfic smutfest! This is a series of one shots that have been my "best sellers" in the years that I have been writing and growing. Mos...
  • gaylove
  • gayfiction
  • sexy
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Don't judge a book by its cover.[Percabeth] by letsreadpunk
Don't judge a book by its cover.[P...by letsreadpunk
Percabeth high school AU- Annabeth Chase, a perfect girl with a perfect life. She's popular, pretty and respected throughout the whole school. Cue Percy Jackson. A wide...
  • annabethchase
  • pjohoo
  • fanfic
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Chaos' successor (Percy Jackson Fanfic) (fanfiction.net) by cooljazzftw
Chaos' successor (Percy Jackson Fa...by Cooljazzftw
(Not cliché) Percy Jackson had it all friends,family,a perfect girlfriend 6 months after the 2nd Giant War Percy Jackson finally hopes for peace but when a son of Zeus c...
  • chaos
  • fanfiction
  • order
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The Powerful Mystery (Percy Jackson and Avengers crossover) by -whale-
The Powerful Mystery (Percy Jackso...by 🐳//💦
After the Giant War, the seven have finally been able to have peace. Though Percy and Annabeth still struggle with nightmares, they have decided to live a normal life. W...
  • seaweedbrain
  • percyjacksonandtheavengers
  • wisegirl
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Percy Jackson: Replaced{COMPLETED} by MateImNotOnFiyah
Percy Jackson: Replaced{COMPLETED}by A human
Two heroes, gone. But that isn't the only issue. Before they left, they had been broken. Hurt. Betrayed. Percy Jackson and Leo Valdez jump at the opportunity for a new...
  • tagyourit
  • percy
  • pipercy
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Heroes of Olympus x reader oneshots  by river_Strudel
Heroes of Olympus x reader oneshot...by Strudel
Just some x readers with your favorite characters from Heroes of Olympus and PJO. I will be using girl pronouns
  • xreader
  • rickriordan
  • jasongrace
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My Mom's Brother by percyjharrypandpjo
My Mom's Brotherby Thalia Grayson
Percy is heart Broken after the war with Gaea. He is left with no one. Except depression, with the gods not caring and the avengers the only ones there. Can they help hi...
  • leo
  • nickfury
  • loyalty
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PJO & HoO oneshots/imagines by Farm-Girl-14
PJO & HoO oneshots/imaginesby Fangirl
Your PJO & HoO boys are all single and ready to mingle! ? This book is filled with oneshots/imagines of your PJO & HoO boys. Requests are open so just leave a comment bu...
  • nicodiangelo
  • pjohoo
  • lukecastellan
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One Shots (Solangelo Edition) by rainbow-annihilation
One Shots (Solangelo Edition)by Roman
Sooo... this is my Solangelo One Shots book. There's fluff, angst, meme-based pinterest-inspired fluff. No, there isn't smut. Yes, some people have claimed to cry during...
  • sorryifitsucks
  • stupid
  • nicoxwill
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Fight Till Im Finished by poesidengirl03
Fight Till Im Finishedby poesidengirl03
A new vigilante moves to Gotham City looking for a fresh start. Breaking bones and breaking hearts will Perci Jackson find love once again or be alone forever?
  • clarkkent
  • justiceleauge
  • fempercy
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Jealous Of Percy Jackson by missmysterious56
Jealous Of Percy Jacksonby Liz
This a remake of Mark of Athena Jason has prepared to meet the almighty Percy Jackson. He doesn't see why everyone adores him so much he is the son of the almighty Jupit...
  • clarisse
  • jealousjason
  • leo
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The Seventh Child (Percy Jackson fanfic) (FanFiction.net) (Completed) by cooljazzftw
The Seventh Child (Percy Jackson f...by Cooljazzftw
The seventh child of Kronos and Rhea, hidden from all of his siblings for three millennia. Now that he's discovered, Zeus threatened to kill the god, endangering Artemis...
  • civilwar
  • youngestoftheoldest
  • god
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Wanted (Percy Jackson Fanfiction) (COMPLETED)  by that_fangirl120
Wanted (Percy Jackson Fanfiction)...by Layan
No matter who you are, what you are, if you've done a crime, you must be punished. And that's something that Zeus takes seriously. Wondering who committed the crime? Per...
  • persassy
  • halfblood
  • heroesofolympus
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I Care (Solangelo High School AU) by rainbow-annihilation
I Care (Solangelo High School AU)by Roman
Mute. Silent. Alone. Not cared for, not loved. But somebody is trying to get to me. Not through conversation, but with sticky notes. Leaving them everywhere for me to fi...
  • alternateuniverse
  • fluff
  • gayaf
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Stage Lights (Solangelo AU) by Bane_is_Bae
Stage Lights (Solangelo AU)by Trip
All his life, Nico di Angelo has dreamed of being a New York City musical theatre actor - and after years of hard work, he makes it, and life couldn't be better. He's st...
  • nicoxwill
  • college
  • newsies
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Agent Jackson: Level Twelve. by blunish101
Agent Jackson: Level Twelve.by Author In Progress
Basicaly S.H.I.E.L.D gets Percy as a recruit.
  • pjohoo
  • agentsofshield
  • avengers
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The Asgardian Son of Hades in The Avengers by Icey5105
The Asgardian Son of Hades in The...by Icey Khione
It'd been about a year since Thor had left. The project to bring Thor back through a tesseract portal was moved to a SHIELD base, after Nico Di Angelo wrecked it to 'pre...
  • sif
  • erikselvig
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