The next prophecy  by Bside_lit
The next prophecy by Bethany Star
What if there was a daughter of posiden and she was more powerful than dirtface herself. Join Penny and her friends as they journey through camp half-blood.
  • chaos
  • percyjackson
  • percyssister
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A New Destiny Pt 2 by Sboyle92
A New Destiny Pt 2by FanofFandoms
A New Destiny Pt 2 Percy Jackson & the Olympians + Harry Potter This is a continuation of the one shot titled 'A New Destiny'. This will pick up where I left off at the...
  • percyjackson
  • harrypotter
  • fempercy
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Reporter by LeosonofApollo45
Reporterby Leo here!!!!!
I used to be a hero. A sister. A daughter. A girlfriend. A savior. A lover. Now? All I am is a reporter. But I can still be a hero. I can shed light on the darkness. Sh...
  • lesbian
  • old-friends
  • pjofandom
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Blue Streak by natcoop22
Blue Streakby getpaidgetlaidgatorade
Her foot tapped rapidly on the ground, to the point it looked like a black blur. "Oh my gods! Can't I control this?" "Percy, come on!" the blonde ye...
  • dickgrayson
  • yj
  • fempercy
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daughter of loki by animals229
daughter of lokiby animals229
persephone jackson is loki's daughter. she was raised after the war with the avengers.not infinity war tho.she was raised on Asgard as a slave and was assumed to be evil...
  • loki
  • avengers
  • fempercy
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Unassailable by natcoop22
Unassailableby getpaidgetlaidgatorade
[A sequel to 'A Broken Can Be Fixed By Another'] Time had passed since they woke up on Planet Sovereign. They had no clue where they were, but that didn't particularly m...
  • jamesbarnes
  • fempercy
  • persephone
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Sub Rosa (yj/pjo) by Emi_Minim
Sub Rosa (yj/pjo)by Emi Minim
Their relationship was sub rosa kept
  • kaldurahm
  • yj
  • kympoleia
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Persephone Jackson: the betrayed by summerwolfangel
Persephone Jackson: the betrayedby summerwolfangel
Persephone is betrayed. She joins a army and has to return two years later. What will happen?
  • fempercy
  • betrayed
  • piperbashing
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A Villains Morals || Female Percy Jackson Young Justice || by JojoKlue
A Villains Morals || Female Percy...by Klue
"I'm Done. I'm leaving! And you can't stop me! Or I'll strike you where you stand!" ______ The hero of Olympus becoming a part-time villain due to the gods pus...
  • sportsmaster
  • percyjackson
  • percy
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Evil Queen's Return by JeremiahPaige2
Evil Queen's Returnby Jeremiah Paige
"You are the LAST person I thought would betray me but I guess I was wrong about you too!" The raging queen yelled. This is your new sequel to Percy Jackson D...
  • crossover
  • void
  • twilight
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All I Wanted Was A Normal Life by DamHotDog
All I Wanted Was A Normal Lifeby TaoRapier
Persephone had a mortal friend by the name Bruce Wayne. She met him in Gotham the night his parents died. They became the best of friends until the Gods just had to sepa...
  • joker
  • campjupiter
  • childhoodfriends
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Winter storm by Kirstie290
Winter stormby MadHatteress
A Poki Fanfiction There aren't too many of these around here so I thought I would add to the dying flame In this fic Percy is female and called Persia (perci for short c...
  • kingloki
  • percyjackson
  • thorodinson
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Does he love me by neshia_2004
Does he love meby neshia_2004
Stiles have a hug crush on the captain of the Lacrosse team. The one and only Scott McCall. What happen we they invite their friends over and they play a game of Truth o...
  • ethanmccall
  • aidenmccall
  • fempercy
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Cynosure [D.G.] by Emi_Minim
Cynosure [D.G.]by Emi Minim
She was something that he just couldn't get out of his mind. A cynosure.
  • percyjackson
  • aquarium
  • fempercy
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Together Once More (COMPLETE) by Sboyle92
Together Once More (COMPLETE)by FanofFandoms
Percia has been apart of Middle Earth for 25 years after the Battle of the Five Armies and has yet to be returned home. Will she be able to return after this new venture...
  • percy
  • fempercy
  • percyjackson
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The child of Superman  by pearlchildofposeidon
The child of Superman by Pearl Jackson
FemPercy Jackson What if Percy gets adopted by Superman. What will happen. She grows up with him. Meets the Justice League. Goes to camp. Later becomes a superhero. Or...
  • fempercy
  • youngjustice
the torture of pearl jackson,one shot/avengers crossover. by animals229
the torture of pearl jackson,one s...by animals229
nick fury somehow found out about the gods and demigods.he captured pearl and poseidon and tortured percy to either get answers out of him or poseidon. btw i am time ski...
  • poseidon
  • fempercy
  • torture
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Lethal Weapon [PJO/YJ] by natcoop22
Lethal Weapon [PJO/YJ]by getpaidgetlaidgatorade
One would think if Percy would be put in a hero or villain situation, she would choose hero, right? Wrong. Sometimes everything is too much, and that's how Panther was b...
  • artemis
  • missmartian
  • robin
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Lollapolooza (Arrow/pjo) by Emi_Minim
Lollapolooza (Arrow/pjo)by Emi Minim
It was like she was cursed. She just couldn't get a break. It was definitely not a lollapalooza.
  • starlingcity
  • johndiggle
  • arrow
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