05: Grocery Store Run Ins

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A harsh, artificial, wind blew in Percy's face as she stepped through the doors of her local supermarket, a detailed list in her hand, written in Wally's more-legible-than-Percy's handwriting. The couple had agreed that under normal circumstances, the speedster went grocery shopping, however on this sunny afternoon, Percy had time to kill while Wally had been killed by time—or lack of.

The redhead was a lot pickier over what he bought, making him the obvious choice for the weekly market run. He was better at picking out produce and finding better quality goods for lower prices, he also cooked regularly, being the better of the two in the kitchen (Percy had a knack for baking, but even she understood that blue cookies could not be all anyone ate). Wally's superhuman hunger taught him quite a bit about food and food prep, and if he was being honest, he loved the mindless conversations that ensued with Percy sat atop a kitchen counter while he cooked their dinner, and the way his girlfriend's eyes lit up was compensation enough for him.

Now, Percy wandered the produce section, trying to follow along with Wally's instructions that made no sense to any outsider and awkwardly slapping the watermelons. She quickly inspected a box of strawberries before shoving it in the cart and grabbed the crunchiest-looking pack of grapes she could find. Every now and then she'd have to call her boyfriend's number to make sure of something, or to ask what to get if the brand written on the list wasn't available. Overall, it was a fairly average trip, she added snacks to the cart despite Wally's instructions not to. She made her way to the register when he made eye contact with two of the people she least wanted to see (and cursed the heavens for damning her to such a cruel fate).

"Ah, Persephone," started the younger of the trio, Damian, who made his way up to the girl with Tim following short. "It has certainly been a while. We didn't expect to see you here today."

"You live in Gotham. Why are you casually strolling through a New York supermarket?" Percy was done with life, send her condolences to her loved ones, she decided she was going to be absorbed by the earth.

"That's... not important," truth be told, Damian had thought that Wally would be the one grocery shopping here—as he usually did—and was at the store to interrogate the speedster. He began to inspect his older sister, making sure she was okay and not hurt in the three-week timespan that they hadn't seen each other.

"Hi Percy," Tim greeted, waving a hand that held a bag of instant coffee and a can of something between his fingers, "How've you been?"

"Fine, thanks, and you?" Her reply was disinterested but it sounded socially acceptable. She was about to ask about the other Batboys when she was interrupted by Tim.

"What's that?" He asked, knowing very well what it was, him and his too-perceptive eyes that appeared inattentive to those who didn't know him. A shit-eating grin rose on his face and his deep blue eyes lit up with amusement at the soon to be doom of his sister. "Right there, on your neck."

A glare from Percy telling him to 'shut it' didn't discourage the boy from his mischief. Her hand reached up to discretely cover the spot on her neck she thought she'd covered in the morning before she left for the store. Unfortunately, Damian was faster than her jerky motion and he noticed the small purple bruise by the dip of her collarbone.

"Jackson," he started, his eyes, filled with unfiltered fury, traveled from the mark to meet her avoidant gaze, "care to explain? Or should I call West? Would he rather clarify to my why you're being branded like a cow?!" His voice raised gradually, and Percy shrunk into herself while her eyes widened at the embarrassing volume. She turned to the shell-shocked cashier and apologized for her siblings.

"Damian, I will not be having this discussion with you here." Here assertive tone was diminished by the burning blush that took over her face. Tim was snickering over his hand, backing into a self-checkout lane to escape the inevitable anger of his two siblings. Percy punctuated her statement with a glare at the two, turning into the nearest check out isle and paying for the food, bagging it and stepping out of the store, her face still flushed a bright red.

Two raven haired bastards sat waiting for her outside the store, Damian leaning against the wall and Tim sitting on the pavement while gnawing at a bag of gummy worms. She decided to ignore their presence and walk back to her apartment, which was conveniently a couple of blocks away. She unlocked the doors and set the reusable grocery bags on the kitchen counter, leaning against the cool granite and sighing as she looked up. The silence in her home didn't last long, as Damian crawled up the stairs and barged in, demanding answers of the ravenette.

"I don't owe you anything," she moved into the living room, sitting against the arm of the solitary wingback armchair next to the couch. "I'm an adult, I live on my own, and I have my own life. I don't have to explain myself to you like a child."

Damian didn't answer, he just glared pointedly at her, never ceasing eye contact, making her squirm under the firm gaze. Percy looked over at Tim who finally decided to help, sighing and putting down the milk frother he was fiddling with from the kitchen.

He moved near the silent glaring pair, he tried to place a hand on either shoulder when Damian shrugged it off before even making contact. Tim settled for putting a hand on Percy's shoulder instead and talking to the both of them like squabbling children. "Percy, you know he's just worried about you. He means no harm, he feels out of the loop from your life and he just wants to connect with you."

Damian huffed indignantly, "Do not speak for me, Drake."

"And you, Demon Child, she was right. She is entitled to privacy and having her own life that she doesn't have to report to you. Now can you please stop fighting?" He took Percy's hand in his and placed the now broken milk frother in her palm.

"I don't own a milk frother, Timmy... where did you get this?" 

I do not own any Percy Jackson or DC content.

p.s. I have no explanation for this. but this is the last chapter that I'll be posting on this book, there's a new one up specifically for these oneshots. Let me know what you think, I love hearing from yall. Anyways I'm gonna try and not cry during class, but also write a sickfic chapter for this that'll be out by thursday so look out for that. ilysm, bye.

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