Chapter forty four

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The man in black's deep voice startled Percy fully out of her skin, her heart rate sped up to alarming rates. Never in her life had she so feared for somebody's wellbeing (of course Tartarus was much worse, but Batman posed a close second). Grayson visibly paled beside her, and Percy wondered whether he feared Bruce or of the beating he would get once Percy crawled out of the afterlife since the Dark Knight was going to kill her. In the couple of seconds that had passed, though it felt like centuries, Percy accepted the fate of her death and decided that she would come back as a poltergeist to haunt and annoy the shit out of the Batfamily.

A few short hours later, Percy found herself sitting quietly in one of the Batcave's many meeting rooms, waiting for two speedsters with a habit of being late. As the two speedsters stepped into the small room, they sputtered out apologies about their tardiness as Wally winked 'discretely' at Percy. Everybody saw. The two sat awkwardly on the bat-themed chairs of the cave while dressed in their civies.

"Allen." Bruce said sternly. He was now out of his Bat costume only to change into his billionaire costume, a crisp suit with an ironed out white dress shirt, which contrasted greatly with Barry's t-shirt and jeans. The man in question nodded in acknowledgement, not wanting to interrupt the world's number one detective. "As I'm sure you've been informed, each of our wards have gotten together romantically." As Batman said those words, Wally's eyes widened comedically since he had not told his uncle about his new relationship status.

"Really?! Wally and Dick finally got together, huh?" Barry spoke incredulously only for Wally to blush redder than his hair and correct the man.

"NO! No. No, I'm not with Dick." Wally said quickly, waiting for his uncle to finally catch on.

"Oh! Wait- You got with her? She's way out of your league, Walls, no offence. I really thought you'd have finally convinced Dick to date you, but I guess not." The Flash mused, humming in surprise.

"No, I got over that crush years ago." He mumbled as Percy laughed loudly at her boyfriend's embarrassment.

"Lol yeah, Wally and I are now together so we need a ship name." Percy mentioned once her laughter died down.

"Did you really say 'lol' out loud?" Wally asked faking being insulted.

"Back on topic," Bruce commanded, and everybody quieted. "I must inform the both of you that if he hurts her, I am no longer bound by any of Batman's rules. For now I do have a legal obligation to apologize on my son, Jason's, behalf for –quote- 'breaking into your house with a loaded rifle claiming to be wanting to practice his aim on Wallace West's sleeping head'." He briefed, and later continued the meeting that seemed to drag on, Percy paid little attention and instead threaded her hand through Wally's and traced letters onto his palm, reminding him how much of a cutie the redhead was.

"And with that, the meeting concludes." Bruce spoke right as Percy zoned back in.

"Cool, cool, groovy, great, amazing. Can I go now?" Persephone spoke rapidly, wanting to get out of the dark gray room.

Bruce sighed and rubbed his temple. "Yes, Percy. You can ask Alfred for your devices back now." As the man punctuated the sentence the two lovebirds ran off (Percy dragging Wally around the manor) until she got back her laptop and setting it up in her room.

She soon left the mansion with Wally's hand in hers heading to the nearest supermarket. The two roamed the isles of a Gotham market, buying seasonal cookies and any chips they could get their hands on, soon heading back to the Wayne household and making a pillow fort in Percy's room, the couple soon settling in it to watch movies while being cuddled up with each other, a couple of Timberlands' Claymation films along with a long list of both animated and live action movies to watch as the sun hid and the on duty vigilantes came out to play.

Giggles and hushed comments about the movies filled the dark room while to couple enjoyed each other's being there.

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