Chapter five

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"Is it too late to drop out?" Percy thought out loud while in the sleek black limousine taking her and her new housemates to school.

"Master Bruce has made it clear that while under his roof, you must at least graduate high school." Alfred informed the sea spawn with his usual calm demeanor.

Percy let out a groan of frustration and held her head in her hands. "It's too early to be alive." She muttered, mostly to herself.

"Tell me about it..." Jason replied while letting his head fall against the headrest. The six soon made it to the school, Damian and Alfred stayed in the car while the other four left the car since Damian was still in middle school.

Percy made her way to the office of the new school, like she had done every year for her entire school career. She picked up her books and schedule and after glancing over which classes she would have and where they were, she dumped all of her stuff into her previously empty locker. Percy noticed that further down the hallway, Dick was telling something to Jason and pushed him in her direction shortly after a reluctant Jason showed up by her locker.

"Who do you have for homeroom. Do you want me to show you around." He said the questions in a monotone, and if it weren't for the wording, Percy never would have guessed that he was asking something.

"Awwww! Jay! I knew you cared deep down in that dark chasm you call a heart." She said sarcastically while ruffling his hair, which proved to be difficult considering the hight difference, Jason let out a growl at her antics. Percy now noticed the streak of white hair that Percy for some reason ignored for almost a week. "I like the streak." She told him while untucking the strand of her hair which also had a discoloration due to the sky-holding in her youth.

The streak piqued Jason's interest. "How did you get that?"

"I could ask the same thing, Todd."

Jason decided on giving Percy a vague answer in hopes of hearing her story. "Zombie."

"Felt that." Percy replied, taking 'zombie' to be an acceptable answer, and pointed at her streak while saying "Atlas." After an unimpressed look from Jason, Percy told him "Two can play at your game, Frankenstein." and walked off.

Jason stayed at the same spot, leaning against the lockers sulking. This left most people within a short radius drooling at the antisocial undead. The bell rang soon after and Jason found himself trudging to his first period class where he found Percy sitting at his usual seat.

"Move." He told her, the majority of the class was staring, they knew not to mess with Jason.

"You move." She said simply, trying to read the squiggles on the board that told her the teacher's name, a collective gasp was heard. Most of the school had witnessed Jason's violent tendencies and all scampered away at even a glance from him.

"This is your last warning." He threw a glare at Percy, not being in a mood to play around.

"What are you gonna do, Jaybird? Are you gonna hit a girl?" She said, using the same baby voice she had used with Damian on her first day with the Wayne's. Jason was fed up (and had to preserve his persona, but he'd never admit that since it implied that the girl had grown on him) and was about to hit Percy with a weak punch when the girl caught his punch with one hand and twisted his arm behind him. "That wasn't very nice, babywing." Percy pushed him slightly towards an empty seat.

"Class! Class! Settle down now, we have a new student." The teacher, who's name Percy hadn't yet deciphered, yelled. The class continued without anything very significant happening until the bell rang.

"Nothing that happened in this room this morning gets out or I will know!" Jason threatened before anyone had left for the next class. They all nodded vigorously and headed to second period.

By lunchtime Percy had managed to make a friend, sort of. You see, after the war, camp had asked Grover if he could track and take a powerful demigod who just so happened to attend Gotham Academy, so Percy and Grover were reacquainted during second period, where Percy was introduced the the new demigod. The three had decided to sit together during lunch.

"So, Percy, how did you and Grover meet?" Asked Grey, the demigod child Grover had to escort to camp.

"We were friends in the sixth grade and went to camp together, he never told me that he would be attending GA this year." Percy said while lightly jabbing Grover in the ribs earning a groan from the satyr.

"That sounds nice. Grover's been telling me about your camp, the way he talks about it you'd think it was built by gods." Grey said while laughing, the other two had to force a laugh at the reality of their statement.

"He does? When we were in middle, Grover not so much as mentioned the camp until the first day of summer, which sucks 'cause Camp Half Blood really is all he makes it out to be and more." Percy said with a nostalgic look on her face.

"Yeah, and Gray said that their dad already agreed to take them, of course I helped to persuade the guy." Grover said enthusiastically. The three new friend continued to talk more through out lunch and during their last period gym class, which all three shared even though Grey and Grover were seniors.

"Freedom!" Percy yelled as soon as the last bell rang, class had been dismissed but apparently she had to wait for Dick and Jason to meet her outside.

"Hey Percy! How was your first day here?" Dick asked when he found Percy waiting by the doors.

"It was pretty good, but Jason caused a scene first thing in the morning." Percy informed with a shrug.

"What did he do? Normally when he beats someone up its the talk of the town for the rest of the day."

"He threatened those poor kids who were in class with. Jason clearly did not like having a girl show him his place."

"Who was it?"

"Me?" Percy said, but it came out as more of a question. She could have sworn he heard Dick mumble something about a living mystery. "I also met up with my best friend from camp, he also transferred this year."

"He, you say?" Dick said dramatically while wiggling his brows.

"Gross! No! I love Grover but he's like a brother to me." She said while wrinkling her nose at the thought.

"Grover? Grover Underwood?" Percy nodded. "I think he's in my third period." Dick told Percy.

"It's a small world." Percy shrugged. Just then, Jason shuffled along, his face was contorted into a frown, the two who were waiting for him decided not to confront him on it.

"Hello! Percy how'd you like GA?" Tim asked as he jogged towards his housemates. "Did you make any f-" he trailed off when he noticed Jason's rage. Tim also fell into an uncomfortable silence with the others.

For the most part they just leaned against the wall waiting for Alfred to pick them up after getting Damian, however, it was hard to ignore Percy who was bouncing her leg continuously and cracking her knuckles repeatedly.

"Stop that." Jason growled at her.

"Sorry, ADHD, ya' know?" Percy said and tried to still her legs. Jason just rolled his eyes and flared the other way. Thankfully, Alfred decided to drive by before Jason picked a fight with the hyperactive girl to his right.

"Thank the gods for Alfred..." Percy mumbled before getting into the car.

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p.s. Hey guys. This chapter is kind of a filler but i had fun writing it. You got Jason and Percy bonding time as well as a fight, a mini one i guess. Percy's reaction does seem kind of rash but Percy had anger issues in the books, so yeah. I added Grey, some shit's going to happen regarding Grey. I'm pretty sure this chapter has been the most wordy so far. Also, I'm sorry the story is a bit inconsistent with Percy's feeling cause it'll go from her wanting to commit die to her roasting any living thing and I'm sorry about that. Have a great day! Stay safe out there! I love you all!

Much love, Victoria <3

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